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Yokota Fire Department: Fire Prevention Week Finale

The Yokota Fire Department held the Fire Prevention Week Finale at the Yokota Community Center.
Fire fighters set up different displays and attractions to further teach fire safety,
based on their theme for the week, “Hear the Beep Where You Sleep.”
TSgt Ernest Suaava Yokota Fire Department Assistant Chief of
Operations: The reason that’s the theme is what we’re
trying to promote that you actually check your smoke detectors once a month and wherever
they’re located, you can actually hear them where you’re sleeping, so that way, if you
are asleep it’ll actually wake you up in the middle of the night in case of an emergency. REPORTER:
The event had activities such as a fire extinguishing demonstration, the Fire Safety House, and
appearances by Sparky the Fire Dog. The fire department even set up an earthquake simulator
to further teach safety. TSgt Ernest Suaava
Yokota Fire Department Assistant Chief of Operations:
Japan has a lot of earthquakes out here. So along with that, when we do have an earthquake,
we try to prepare people so they understand what to do in case that we do have an earthquake
at a severe magnitude. That’s why we got this, just educate people on earthquake safety. REPORTER:
The event was also an international affair as members of the Japanese Air Self-Defense
Fire agency and Tokyo Fire Department came out to show their support. Senior Airman
Justin Stokes, Yokota Air Base, Japan.

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