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WoW Sauna Business at Breakfast March 2019

Welcome to this brief presentation by the World of Wellbeing where we have wellness programs that are scientifically based. This short presentation is about infra-red Saunas and it was only recently discovered by Professor Gerald Pollack in his attempts to try and understand how structured water could remain structured and have charge exchange occurring routinely within systems. And he found quite serendipitously through one of his post-doc researchers that it was infra-red wavelengths that were responsible for maintaining the structuring of water. The other point that’s really important to make about far infra-red sauna is that they are able by enabling us to sweat more effectively, they’re, they enable us to remove toxins, which, if left in the body, reduce the charge of cells as a whole. And here you can see some of the research that has been done in relation to infra-red Saunas. The first cell health and immunity was the result of the American Space Agency studies. And then you can see that wound healing and skin rejuvenation were also seen to be improved as a result of the use of Saunas. Additionally, weight loss can be achieved by using Saunas in conjunction obviously with other methodologies, and the regular use of Saunas has interestingly been shown to reduce the risk of dementia by as much as 60 per cent. It also lowers inflammation in the body and balances blood pressure and reduces the risk of fatal coronary artery disease. Our infra red Saunas, as have been nicknamed ‘detox boxes’ because of the effect that they’re having in reducing toxicity. In the last 100 years, we’ve seen an increase by thousands of the environmental toxins that have been introduced to our air, water and food into which were exposed. Many of these are synthetic chemicals that the body has no detoxification mechanism for. So, for instance, electrical workers are exposed to increased levels of hexachlorobenzene and polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCB’s. There are a range of hydrocarbons that are environmental pollutants. These include trichloroethylene, which have been found in American city water supplies. A solvent extraction used to produce decaffeinated coffee, toluene which is found in paint, formaldehyde which gasses off carpets, xylene out-gases from plastics, carpeting, furnishings, construction materials. And of course, there’s industrial and traffic exhaust and diesel that we’re exposed to commonly in relation to cars that are around and about us all the time. Dichlorobenzene is in air freshener. So, for instance, cadmium results in arthritic change and hypertension, mercury from fish, from the atmosphere and from silver amalgams in teeth can result in joint pain and angina. Toluene can lead to migraines and arrhythmia. And of course, farmers that use herbicides quite extensively can be subject to things like atrazine, which damage the autonomic nervous system and one of the functions of the autonomic nervous system is the control of sweat gland activity. So if that is damaged, then of course we’re unable to excrete toxins and it’s rather like a catch 22 situation. Firemen in cities can be exposed to burning commercial furnishings and construction materials that release many damaging chemicals, some of which are cancer producing. Burning phthalates and other plasticisers, PCB’s and dioxins are all very toxic and firemen can inhale massive amounts of these toxins in a short space of time. Diesel exhaust that the body is unable to detoxify can go on to damage an enzyme and, as a result of the damage to this enzyme, hypertension can result. Thanks very much for listening.

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