Woodrow Volunteer Fire Department building new fire station

VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS.. WORKING TO BUILD THEIR NEW STATION FROM THE GROUND UP. AND KAMC’S ‘NICOLETTE PERDOMO’ HAS AN UPDATE ON HOW THIS PROJECT IS GOING. NICOLETTE WITH LOOP 88 IN SOUTH LUBBOCK CONSTRUCTION TO BEGIN IN AS SOON AS FOUR YEARS.. THEY’RE MOVING OUT OF THEIR EXISTING BUILDING. SO THESE VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS HAVE TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS READY AT THE NEW STATION. VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS TAKING ON A NEW CHALLENGE.. BUILDING THEIR OWN FIRE STATION. “we plumbed it ourself before we poured the slab, we’ve done everything on our own, been our own general contractors to save as much money as we can.” ASSISTANT FIRE CHIEF JAKE TERRELL DEDICATED TO THIS PROJECT. WHICH STARTED IN JULY.. AND PLAN TO BE ALL MOVED IN BY THE END OF THE YEAR.. “we’re to be out of there roughly around the first of the year but we’ll be really close to that deadline as far as making it.” IT COST MORE THAN $700-THOUSAND DOLLARS.. THE STATE FUNDED A LITTLE LESS THAN THE TOTAL COST.. AND THESE VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS SPENT TIME RAISING THE MONEY. “The rest of the funds we’ve had to raise on our own through donations or gun rifles, things like that.” BUT THESE VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS ARE USING THEIR MONEY AND SKILLS WISELY.. ‘TERRELL’S’ DAY JOB IS ACTUALLY A CONTRACTOR, SO HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT TO DO TO MAKE SURE THIS FIRE STATION IS TOP OF THE LINE. “we have some guys that are plumbers, that’s who helped us plumb it, everybody that has their own trade, their daytime job has pitched in and helped out here.” AND THEY’RE STILL A FEW STEPS AWAY FROM FINISHING. “We still have to finish framing out the inside, get the drywall done, like finishing the house, just the structure is up right now, the elctricians are working to get their part done, we’re still a long way out but we’re trying to get it as quick as we can.” NICOLETTE THE VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS ARE STILL ACCEPTING DONATIONS FOR BASIC SUPPLIES.. AND THE GOAL IS TO EVENTUALLY PURCHASE LAND FOR A SECOND STATION..

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