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Woman flees to a Fresno County fire station to escape her boyfriend’s abuse, authorities say

took him into custody.” After a short standoff, the suspect surrendered. Deputies say the suspect was in possession of a meth pipe. It’s still unknown why the man Balekian EVAN: NOW TO OUR DEVELOPING STORY… A MAN IS BEHIND BARS FOR ALLEGEDLY ASSAULTING HIS GIRLFRIEND. 30-YEAR-OLD “JOGE VASQUEZ” IS FACING A NUMBER OF FELONIES… AMONG THEM– SPOUSAL ABUSE… AND ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON. STEF: OUR DENNIS VALERA IS LIVE IN THE NEWSROOM. DENNIS– HOW IS THIS WOMAN DOING? [A14]DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ARREST-NEWSRM MORNING… IT STARTED HERE AT 11 THIS MORNING… AT THE CAL FIRE STATION OFF TOLLHOUSE AND PITMAN HILL ROADS.A WOMAN…SAYING SHE WAS THE VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE… GETS HELPED BY STAFF… TO GET THE FRESNO COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE INVOLVED. Sgt. John Souza/Fresno County Sheriff’s Office “gave us vic, uh, suspect information and description and the vehicle he was driving. she apparently lives close by and she may have walked, it’s still under investigation at this time.” THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE LOCATED THE CAR OF JORGE VASQUEZ… AROUND HIGHWAY 1-68 AND ACADEMY AVENUE. AFTER PULLING OVER… HE SURRENDERED AND WAS TAKEN INTO CUSTODY. Battalion Chief Seth Brown/Phoner “we recommend that VIOLENCE VICTIMS SHOULD IMMEDIATELY CALL 9-1-1. BUT IF IT’S NOT… VICTIMS SHOULD AT LEAST GET INTO THE CLOSEST PUBLIC PLACE… LIKE THE VICTIM IN THIS SITUATION DID. Battalion Chief Seth Brown/Phoner “the situation’s less likely to escalate when there’s more people around, when you’re in a public place. Sometimes that also provides the avenue for the person to call 9-1-1, so law enforcement can get there as soon as possible.” DENNIS: THERE’S A WIDE RANGE OF ORGANIZATIONS… PROGRAMS…AND


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