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Why the Sacramento Fire Department Purchased OSCR360

My name is Patrick Taylor, Supervisor
Fire Investigators, Sacramento Fire Department. My name’s Jason Lee, the Fire
Marshal for the City of Sacramento. And what attracted our Fire Department
to OSCR360 is basically it’s ability to capture an overall crime
scene or fire scene or fire incident. It’s easy to use, the user interface is
fairly simple to use. Anybody with a with a few minutes of training can use the device in a matter of minutes. It’s easy to set up. It’s portable and it
also allows you if you have to testify as an expert witness in a
criminal case or a civil case, it allows you to immerse your audience or
the jury into your crime scene. You’re able you know you’re able to have a 360 degree vantage point of your crime scene and be able to walk your jury through that scene.
And also the Sacramento Fire Department prides itself on being one of the leading
agencies as far as technology. So this is opportunity for us to have the great
technology to be able to leverage for our case investigations and overall scene investigations.

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