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What’s inside a fire truck? What do firefighters do? Let’s Tour Fire Station 118 | Ezra’s Channel

Welcome to Ezra’s Channel We’re at the fire station So, we’re gonna see a fire station Let’s go See the fire station, it’s it Let’s go Ezra, why are you dressed like a firefighter? Why are you dressed like a firefighter? My outfit Look it, I’m a fireman To talk to who? Whistle it [blows whistle] Do this too loud [blows whistle] I can’t find my hammer Guys, don’t fight Alright Come in, out of the sun too I have a fire outfit, look it! That’s awesome JUST LIKE YOU! This is the fire station And this is gonna be the fire truck Right now we have a fire engine and that’s the one that squirts all the water they’re actually up in the mountains right now when that extends it’s a giant ladder it goes 100 feet in the air This is where the captain sits I sit on the other side of the truck driving I’m gonna ask you a couple of questions alright What happens, and then I’m gonna need you to raise your hand ME! Well hold on you need something to do So what happens when you find matches at home? Anything that creates fire, if you guys ever see it around, take it to your parents or if you guys have brothers or sisters don’t let anybody, or friends You don’t ever play with matches or fire okay? The fire truck, primarily is like a giant tool box So we’ll show you some tools where you can cut cars open you can use big ladders and we’ll show you that too We’ve got axes and all sorts of tools Anytime there’s smoke or dangerous air we’ll put these on, it sounds kinda like a like a [sound effect] they open and they close and like say someone got into a car accident and they can’t get out we can help cut the car open and this one cuts, and we’ve got different tools that do different things Jaws of Life Even you can’t get out Yeah, when you can’t get out that’s when we come in to use our tools to help you get out You can do lots of things with it we can use it as a hammer This is called the hallagan And this is one of the most used tools that we have for getting in doors so we use it, so we can break into doors Yeah, so we can pull the handle Yeah, well if the handle doesn’t work cuz it’s either locked we can use different parts of the hallagan to be able to open up the door 35 feet….and that’s real tall and we’ve also got lots more ladders in the back so just imagine a fire truck, it’s a big tool box And we have to do this by ourselves, one person Real long So you gotta be real good at balancing ‘Cause it’s so long…it’s 24 feet so we can power tools…we can do lots of thing with this or if there’s ever a big earthquake we can use this to get power So we can run our phones, our communication so we can talk and make sure we can come help you …the truck out there, that’s a paramedic see how it’s so long? So, the person in the back they’ve got to steer the back wheels so they’re in charge of moving the back wheels and so when the person in the front, say you’re turning right the person back here, up top has to turn left first, and then turn right Chainsaw I don’t have that one So we can use it to cut trees the gardeners do use chainsaw We use them to cut the roofs we cut holes in roofs to allow the smoke out of the house He looks like a fireman He does got the gears Alright, so see So first what he’s gonna do, this is his hood right here So he’s got his hood and then that’s gonna protect the top of his head his face, his neck it’s going to cover all his skin And you see our boots, that he just took off see how they have zippers on them? That helps get the boots on and off really fast So now he’s putting on his turnout boots And they’re all set up so he can put his feet in his boots and boom, his pants are already up and now he’s got his suspenders on to help pull his pants up so now his legs are protected from the fire right? His head’s protected His next step he’s gotta put on his heavy coat See And if you guys look at his hands they have these little holes in his sleeves these are called gauntlets and it helps when he puts his gloves on his sleeves stay down inside the gloves so there’s no skin on his wrist that shows in the fire It looks like a ninja Yeah? So then he zips up his coat and he’s got a couple of uh hooks to hook his jacket up Yup Now he’s got a collar and then he’s gonna take his hood and roll it down So this right here, his backpack has a bottle on the back that has air in it So that when he goes in the smoke he’s gonna be able to breath fresh air and he won’t be breathing any outside air It’s all gonna be inside of his mask How long does it last? They’re 45 minutes bottle If you’re working really hard, probably only 30 to 35 minutes If you’re just sitting still, it’ll last you 45 minutes If you’re working, they’re not gonna last you that long So now he’s got his backpack on right? He’s gonna take his helmet, gonna lay it back So this is his mask right now okay He’s gonna be breathing all this air with that mask, and it’s got a rubber seal around the sides right here that sticks to his face so that no smoke gets in so then now he puts his hood over the top of his mask and now the only skin that’s actually showing to the outside right now, is his hands, that’s the only thing right now So now he’s gonna put his helmet on He’s gonna stitch it up tight so his helmet doesn’t fall off Now, he’s gonna hook it into his bottle You hear him breathing? So all the air that he’s breathing right now All the air that he’s breathing is coming from inside this bottle right here coming through the bottle through the hoses and down over to this side Comes through these hoses through the ventilator, he’s breathing all the air inside his mouth So the last thing that goes on is his gloves [siren sounds] [siren sounds] So that’s one glove Now if you see any skin you need to cover up right? Alright, so now he’s gonna get on his hands & his knees and he’s gonna crawl Don’t be afraid, look inside, look Look, it’s still him, look Don’t be afraid okay? He’s gonna turn around Everybody, come pad him on the shoulder pad him and say hi come pad him on the shoulder, pad him on the shoulder [siren sounds] Hey buddy He’s watching that Yeah [laughs] He’s like, what’s going on Who wants to see your teacher put some of this stuff on? Yeah? [Yay] [laughs] This is the hard part right here, okay Oh my gosh Don’t fall over I’m gonna try [laughs] Wow Here’s your helmet Whoohoo Smile, good job It’s super heavy The boots are pretty heavy So with everything on, you’re close to 100 lbs and then after that you’re gonna carry that big long ladder by yourself Or you’re carrying chainsaws or whatever other tools you have, so Carrying a chainsaw as you’re going up along the high ladder Sometimes you gotta climb up this ladder 60 feet to get on a roof of whatever, so It’s, it’s a lot of work [laughs] What happens if there’s an emergency at home? If there’s a fire or an earthquake, what are you gonna do Where you gonna go? That way you have a plan, you’ll be a lot safer High five Thank you No, my pleasure Love your outfit I wanna, I wanna go by myself Here I’ll hold your helmet, you go for it Good job Alright, put your helmet on Ezra, hi Ezra, look look look Alright bud, okay get out I don’t want you fallin’ [chuckles] Alright guys Thank you You’re welcome Thank you Thank you You’re welcome High five bud [chuckles] Thank you for having us You’re very welcome You guys listen really well thank you for listening Here’s so donuts some sugar Yeah, we love donuts Stay right there sticker Yummy Thank you for watching Ezra’s Channel, bye! You see him in the back? Where they going? They probably got a call We’re so lucky, that’s so awesome

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