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Virtual tour of our new fire engine

Kent Fire and Rescue Service have invested in
these new fire engines which are full of new technology to help firefighters do
what they do best the new fire engines are smaller, cheaper, lighter and more
fuel efficient so they’re better for the environment and easier to move about
they have a range of features including storage for breathing apparatus and
radios which means the cab of the engine remains more contaminant free for the
firefighters. The fire engines have larger capacity hose reels which are
more effective at extinguishing fires they also have features such as
compressed air foam system which can knock fires down rapidly and be sprayed
on buildings to form a protective layer to prevent a fire from spreading fog
spike which punches holes into walls or a roof to spray a water mist on a fire
to dramatically reduce the temperature and prevent the fire from spreading
intelligent pump control system which functions electronically freeing up a
firefighter to fight the fire. The fire engines have large powerful pumps as
well as smaller more transportable pumps they can move water to put out a fire or
away during flooding thermal imaging cameras which can locate fires from
outside a building so fire crews can tackle fires faster as well as check for
hot spots fire spread or to find casualties in the dark, the positive
pressure fan can help fight fires all too clear smoke after a fire
defibrillators and first aid to help casualties at incidents and as part of
our Co responding to medical emergencies all this investment means Kent Fire and
Rescue Service sends the right fire engines and most suitable equipment to
resolve incidents quickly and effectively


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