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Virtual Field Trip to the Fire Station

Here is a fire station. This fire station is one here in Knoxville,
Tennessee. Let’s take a look at the inside of a fire
station. Some fire stations have room for lots of fire
trucks while some fire stations only have room for one or two fire trucks. Firefighters have to work during the day and
the night. Because firefighters need to sleep just like
we do, they have bedrooms inside fire stations. If there is a fire, an alarm will go off in
the fire station to wake up the firefighters who may be sleeping. The firefighters only have a few minutes to
get ready and get in the fire truck. Many fire stations have poles the firefighters
can slide down to help them get downstairs more quickly than if they took the stairs
or an elevator. When the firefighters get downstairs, they
have lots of gear they have to put on to protect their bodies from fire and heat. First, the firefighters put on protective
trousers. Next, they put on the boots. Sometimes the boots are attached to the pants
so that they can be put on even more quickly. Then, the firefighters put on their protective
coat with a hood that they wear underneath their helmets. The firefighters put on their helmet next
to protect their head from flames, falling debris, or other hazards. Then, they put on gloves to protect their
hands. Some firefighters wear radios, like walkie-talkies,
to communicate with each other. If a firefighter is actually going in to a
building that is on fire, then they will also wear a breathing apparatus. This gives them clean air to breathe that
does not contain smoke. Now that the firefighter has on their gear,
it’s time to get in the fire truck. Fire trucks used to look a little bit like
this, but now they usually look a little bit more like this fire truck. Fire trucks have a place for the drive up
front. They also have a place for lots of equipment
that the firefighters might need. There is a ladder on the truck so that the
firefighters can easily reach high places where they need to help people. On cartoon shows, you may have seen a picture
that looks like this: A cat stuck in a tree. Who, in these shows, comes to rescue the cat? That’s right, the firefighters. This is another use for the ladders on their
trucks. Another helpful tool is the hose. The hose attaches to fire hydrants in order
to spray water to put out fires. If there is not a fire hydrant, then the hose
attaches to the truck where water is stored in the main compartment. Why might the firefighters want to use a fire
hydrant rather than the water in the truck? Since there is a limited amount of water in
the truck, and when that runs out it’s all gone even if the fire isn’t, that may be why
firefighters would prefer to attach the hose to a fire hydrant which has a lot more water
than the truck. One interesting thing about firefighters is
that they all have EMT certifications. EMT stands for Emergency Medical Technician. This means they are allowed to help and take
care of people who are hurt or really sick. EMT’s also are the people who work in ambulances. They are sometimes called first responders. Do you know what phone number to call in an
emergency? You call 911 in an emergency, but only in
emergency situations! That way, fire trucks, ambulances, and police
cars can come to help. Have you ever been in an emergency situation? What was that like? Did you call 911?

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