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Vikram Prabhu and his friends become a Fireman | Neruppuda Climax Scene | Neruppuda Scenes

No…it is not Dhana Someone… Someone else… Who? Who is that?
Who is that? If you are a brave man
come out – Who are you?
– Annam… What are you
looking at? The guy whom you killed in the middle
of the road…Sadha… That Sadha’s Annam… The true love a man
should have on a woman… My husband Sadha had on me…
a transgender… Husband? In a society which looks at a
transgender with disgust… Tied a Thaali on my neck… Gave a meaning to
my life…my Sadha… That Ravi…who pardoned you
who killed Sadha That’s why… That’s why… You kept a knife on the neck
of the one who killed Sadha… You must have slit his throat Why did you forgive him? Hey… Where have you come…?
And whom are you talking? Yes, I did forgive him Because there was a
justice in what he said But he kept his hands on me…
That’s why… Without knife and blood… Killed him
with this mouth Hereafter he will die each day
fearing what Ravi will do So… So, your promise that you would kill
the guy who killed Sadha..? Yes I said
Why did I say? Thought, the guy who killed Sadha
will come to kill me next So… You didn’t search them
for they killing your friend? You searched them
only to save your life, right? Yes… If I do something to those
boys because of dead Sadha… Who will die in Encounter? I will die! Die… Die… Hey I will…
Hey… Go Die…Hey… Hey… Hey… Hey stop it If Husband dies
cutting the holy thread… Removing the bindhi, cry
sitting in a corner… -do you think I will
do all these? Hey… You destroyed my
only happiness I will destroy your entire
happiness, want to see? See…See… Listen to me Your Sadha’s death
was not a murdered It was an accident Leave them What if I don’t leave them? I will make you to leave Hey… No… I don’t have the heart
to hit you Go away Hey… No… Hey… No… Hey… – Hey…
– Listen to me no Your father died on that day
for giving birth to you Now, do you want to see
how they are going to die? See… Hey… I told you so many times
but you made me hit you Llisten at least now Who are you? Why did you kill my Sadha? Tell me For a Transgender like me… Did any of you, at any time think that even
we have Life, Emotions and Heart…? But my Sadha thought
about all these! He said he likes me! Before I could think if
this was a dream or not… He married me and said
I am his wife! Even though I cannot
give birth to a baby… I thought of adopting a baby and
live a happy family life But you destroyed everything You destroyed… You destroyed… Look… Listen to me please Please listen to me I won’t – I won’t
– Please listen to me No…no… – Leave her…
– Hey… Listen to me Have you lived as a
corpse though alive? I lived like that all these days
without my Sadha! You have to taste that life,
for at least one second without her You have to… Hey… Hey… Why did you do like that? What mistake you did? Why should your father die? On that day I was silently
traveling on road… He only hit me in a
drunken mode… I pushed him down in anger I didn’t imagine
that he will die I told you to listen to
what I am saying… But you didn’t You killed my father… Enough… My Dhana Did a mistake without knowing… You also… Did a mistake in anger… Stop with this… Again I am saying… Our job is not to kill a life It is to save it It is to save it Hello…
Slatterpuram Fire Station… Where…? When…? Will come immediately “Dial a call
Asking 101 to come” “He is the fireman who
will show off in fire” “Have to save one’s life
and turn off the fire” “We won’t let people’s
stomach burn” “Be a brave one and dude
come here like a fire” “Be respective and
smiling always” “Be a brave one and dude
come here like a fire” “Be respective and
smiling always” “Playing color balls…
kite thread…” “Our guy will cut it and
behave like a sharp one” “We will be warm
we will be close always” “If fire catches anywhere,we
will be there to save them” “We will roam freely
without our shirt” “There is no mistake
in our route” “We are perfect boys
because we don’t touch” “The cigarette, liquor
bottle and beetle leaf” “If you want us to fall for
you, you don’t have to be a queen” “A beautiful quail bird
is enough for us” “We all have
no boundaries” “Even a barricade
will give way” “If you stare, we will stab you
if you smile, we will surrender” “Playing stick and stone;
colored thread used for flying kites” “Our dude is a sharp one so that
he will cut the rope separately” “We will be warm always
fire will be very close to us” “If fire catches somewhere, we will
be the first person to turn off “Our area is terrible
make everyone to run away” “Valluvar birth place
Slatterpuram is our area” “We have no worries and sorrow
there is no problem in life” “If housing board is there
then no need of apartment” “If we go into streets..
we will stand there as a gang” “If we get bored we
will drink strong tea” “True love
and sincere love…” “We don’t do dishonesty to
the one who believe us” “Be like a brave one
and dude come here like a fire” “Be with responsibilities
and also with smile” “Be like a brave one
and dude come here like a fire”


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