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Victaulic Installation-Ready™ Fire Protection Couplings & Pipe Fittings

Patented Installation-Ready Technology
from Victaulic is revolutionizing the planning and implementation of fire
protection systems where safety installation speed
efficiency and reliability is paramount. Argus fire protection
limited selected victaulic installation ready technology in a time-critical warehouse extension
project in Auckland, New Zealand they’ve got a site here behind me that’s 27,000 square meter warehouse extension. The overall objective of the system we’re installing as an easy fire demand at nine thousand liters
per minute at about 10 bar of pressure. So we got a full stored capacity for a primary supply and
we’ve got a secondary supply which is a tank with to achieve a sixty-minute duration of
water supplies. So the feedback from the guys on site is that they really like the technology, the Installation-Ready Technology it’s making their job a lot easier not having
the pre-grease couplings putting the pipe together especially the
heaviest stuff makes life a lot easier for them. The main challenge we had in the pump room was the weight of the equipment that we’re installing the safety aspects was being able to use the Installation-Ready couplings to stack the heavy equipment on top
rather than using the traditional two-piece coupling with a gasket having to manipulate the gasket over the two bits of piping joined together. Normally you build it once the roof and structures are in place in the end but on this one we were given the opportunity to build a sprinkler pipe work into roof sections on the ground with the structural steel guys and then craned up into place in
about 25 different segments we had a limited window of two days to
get the pipe work installed on the ground there was only one shot at getting it right and if we missed that pipe then we were having to install in the
air with additional excess and labor to achieve the same result. So the expectations on
a job like this is that we will have to work longer hours if we
don’t meet the deadlines which puts pressure on the guys on-site
and being able to install pipe quicker means that guys can got home at the end of a 8-hour day instead of having to work a 12-
hour day. So we have six installers working on site to do the roof
sections a in the valve room itself we’re down to four for the heavier
equipment. I’d estimate that we save around 5 to 8% on the total build cost
by using the Installation-Ready Technology Well we’ve done two successful projects with Victaulic as a supplier now The first being a freezer installed where we
had to work in live freezer at -20 the Installation-Ready couplings provided
us with a flushy on the Gasket as well as a quick install in the freezer itself. So we’re doing a warehouse now that is similar type but
much larger scale and we’ve used the same methodology on
this new warehouse as well so it’s definitely beneficial. Now the
support from the Victaulic is outstanding. We get help with
commissioning or the QA of the installer of the products ensures we’re doing what we need to be doing. So the reliability of the Victaulic product is superior. We’ve had failures in the past so
I’ve moved to the safer option which is Victaulic. Patented Installation-Ready Technology from Victaulic is engineered to reduce installation time optimize labor risk
management and provide superior performance. For more information about these and
other industry-leading engineering solutions go to


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