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UWM-based exercise program protects firefighters from injury

Firefighting is a strenuous job. Everything
we have is awkward, big, and heavy. We are going through ranges of motion that are in
a very dynamic environment. We are up on roofs, or put your body in predicaments where over
time, it adds up and you get hurt. Approximately 55-60 percent of all injuries are sprains
and strains. Sprains and strains can generally be prevented to some extent. Whether they
could be prevented all together or in a severity. We can change movement in a way that improves
their ability to be less risky. Whether that be climbing a ladder, throwing a ladder up,
or pulling a hose. If you improve their movement pattern, you are immediately reducing risk
of a number of different instances in their daily job. Where the importance of this comes
in, is it helps to show where we may have some deficiencies. Where somebody may have
hurt themselves over time to repetitive injury, or an actual action at a fire. This helps
us identify it so we can take corrective action so that guys can hopefully be prevented to
an injury in the future. Our whole goal is to ultimately get off this job at a retirement
age, be healthy and live a long time. UWM is in a unique situation because of its proximity
and its history of interacting with the community. We are able to do things that are difficult
to do in other places.

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