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“Use the Force” Fire Force Episode 2 Review | Anime Bunseki

and my guy pulls out a frigging lightsaber! I guess you could say he was using the FORCE the FIRE FORCE ! get it? fi.. fire.. fire force [Intro Music] My Avid Anime Addicts welcome back! welcome back to another
episode of Anime Bunseki!!! of course im your girl Sayir And Im Slo We are back with another episode of the hottest anime this summer! Enen No Shouboutai!!! it’s Fire Force we are back with more fire force Wow well if you missed our review on episode one you guys can always go check that out Fire Force Episode 2 Lets go! the episode begins with an ominous intro that really drives home the rhetoric of spontaneous human combustion and how everyone lives in constant fear
of one day being helplessly consumed by fire Wow well that was incredibly dark I know right it’s.. it’s like the trailer of a DC movie [ you sure you’re not form the Dc Universe ] the opening scene is a fire soldier with a duffel bag standing outside the building of the eighth unit and just like Shinra he doesn’t seem too pleased I mean can you really blame him just look at this place it’s a dump they had to graffiti fire force station on the wall! so, captain Obi who is obviously addicted to protein shakes is informing Shinra of the upcoming fire soldier rookie games this is an event where the new recruits from all units compete against each other [Cough] [Cough] shonen tournament arc Anyways Shinra plus another recruit who was joining the unit today would be representing the 8th unit after conversing with Obi Shinra leaves walking through a hallway he thinks back on the incident that took his mother and brother he flashes his creepy smile as he bumps into the new recruit who calls him a devil Shinra calls him a knight but not in the chivalrous “aye milord”, “hail sir Knight” shinra doesn’t really seem to like this guy it’s obvious they know each other seeming to be rivals a confrontation ensues and shinra wants to take it outside Maki and Iris are on the roof as Maki demonstrates her abilities to manipulate fire she creates a small fire spirit she calls ‘sputter’ awwwww!!! it’s soooo cuuuutttteeee!!! sllloooo can we get ooonnneee! well I guess that is the cutest ball of fire I’ve ever seen so why not! YAAAYYYY!!!! psu psu psuuu! okay little guy! take it easy iris is impressed by Maki’s ability but Maki points out her limits being second-generation she can only manipulate the flames but can’t create them something strange happens here as Iris seems mesmerized by the fire she reaches to touch it then blam! the door bursts open and Shinra the new recruit takes their confrontation to the roof Maki and iris have no idea who this new guy is so he introduced himself he is author Boyle the self-proclaimed Knight King Arthur is a third generation pyrokinetic he and Shinra know each other from the academy there is an exchange among the
group and Shinra states why he isnt all that fond of Arthur lieutenant Hinawa makes his way to the roof and Maki informs him of Arthur and Shinra being acquaintances from the Academy the lieutenant Sees Maki’s fire spirit and.. Oh God No! sputter! don’t look!! well that was unnecessary psu psuuu! psu psu psuuu psuu psuuu! with the rookie games coming up Hinawa wants to see what the two new recruits are really capable of he picks maki to spar with the two welcome ladies and gentlemen in this corner we have Maki the second-generation wonder VS not One… but Two!!!! third-generation pyrokinetics!!! place your bets! my money’s on Shinra psuu! psu psuu! iris expresses concern for Maki going up against two third-generation pyro-kinetics but the lieutenant states that Maki is an ex-soldier and she knows how to destroy a man wait.. wait.. can I change my bet? Shinra attacks first and has his flames disabled by Maki who knocks him off the roof but releases his abilities so he lands safely Arthur is up next! and my guy pulls out a frigging lightsaber! I guess you could say he was using the force! the FIRE FORCE ! get it? fi.. fire.. fire force Sigh! Arthur’s weapon is a plasma cutter it’s a sword hilt which concentrates his fire into a sword like weapon he calls it Excalibur! the King Arthur reference should be
obvious! Arthur underestimates Maki and gets his teeth knocked out literally! Arthur called Maki an ogre! and uhh.. she didn’t really like that Shinra rockets back to the roof and Maki pulls the flames from Shinra’s feet and Arthur’s sword manipulating them into a giant fire spirit! Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo!! No!!! well… yeah.. the fire spirit was called Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo but not that guy! God that anime was stupid Shinra and Arthur choose to surrender realizing they can’t beat Maki then lieutenant Hinawa heartlessly extinguishes Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo it’s okay
it’s in a better place now the next scene shows us the captain bringing
Shinra and Arthur out for lunch and we can see the rivalry between these guys
in action as they try to out eat each other
afterward the team goes to a shooting range where Shinra got to test a special
fire force upon the type 7 firefighting acts while author claims the only weapon
he needs is as caliber captain Obie sparks a conversation saying unlike the
pair kinetics who have their abilities to help them every time he heads out he
has to carry 30 kilos of equipment which is only about 66 pounds but considering
the speed and ease which we see him maneuvering with all the equipment you
can tell he’s pretty strong the alarm rings and McKee announces the appearance
of another inferno the team heads out and Obie brief them
on the situation spontaneous fire in the house sheena
abilities might be ineffective in close quarters so Obie hands in WA the types
of acts and tells everybody to conceal their weapons in their hoods they
arrived at the scene and learned that a little girl who had already lost her
mother know has her father falling to the same feet of turning into an intern
both parents Wow that’s tragic almost sounds like a superhero origin story
Shinra and Arthur take out their weapons disobeying Obi’s earlier orders to keep
them concealed all we pull them both to the side and explain the need to express
sympathy in front of the still grieving next of kin as infernals were once human
and he doesn’t want anyone in his unit that can’t understand this flames
explode from the house and the fire seems to smear at the captain the
teammate inside order to find the infernal peacefully sitting at the table
just chillin shinnok questions if they should killed inferno
after all it hadn’t done anything Arthur object stating the penny must be
in consumed by fire Arthur quickly pushed infernal to rest with no
resistance suddenly fire explodes in the room
damaging the roof the team makes their way out safely except for Captain Obi
who stopped to grab the family’s photo and the roof collapsed on top of him but
he just casually shrugged it off like nothing
lightwork my guide does work out everyday a puff of smoke writes the word
joker in here and this guy that screams anime villain looks towards the fire
scene saying just a little joke the unit suspects that the explosion was caused
by a third party as they make their way out of the house the little girl was
trembling in fear wondering if she was going to be consumed by fire next
captain OB gives her the photo he rescued from the building and consoles
her the team leaves and turned in for the night
shanell is tearing the roof from his bunk thinking about the mission
Arthur sees shanira and actually offered a few words of comfort the two seem to
be getting along and that was episode two of fire force be sure to check back
with us next week for another episode and remember it doesn’t have to end here
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time guys you

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