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Unboxing the Paw Patrol and Mega Blocks Fireman Ted Playsets

– [Girl] Family fun for everyone! – [Rubble] Ah, oh boy,
Rubble on the double. How’d I get stuck on top of the lookout? I’m all the way at the top of the lookout. Help! – [Marshall] Never fear Rubble because Marshall’s all fired up! I’ll save you. – [Ted] Not so fast Marshall, this is Ted. And I’m seeing red. – [Rubble] Ah, there’s two
firetrucks here to save me? What’s gonna happen, huh, what? – [Marshall] That’s right Rubble. I’m here, I’ll save you. Here I go. – [Rubble] Uh Marshall,
how’re you gonna save me? – [Ted] I’m Ted and I’ve got the ladder. I’m the only one that can
save Rubble because I’ve got a special ladder. – [Rubble] Uh, wait a
minute, who are you again? – [Ted] I told you, I’m
fireman Ted and I only see red. – [Rubble] Uh, why do you see red? – [Ted] ‘Cause that’s the color of fire. Don’t worry Rubble, I’m gonna
save you here on the lookout. ‘Cause that’s my job. Saving dogs and people who need help. – [Rubble] Uh yeah, I need some help ’cause I’m like stuck up here. Rubble on the double, get me down. – [Marshall] But Rubble I’m the one that always gets you down. – [Rubble] Uh, Marshall,
I just want to get down. It doesn’t matter who just get me down, okay? I don’t care if it’s you or fireman Teddy Ted here or if it’s Chase or Skye, just get me down, okay? Rubble on the double. Down, down down down down down, okay? – [Ted] First I’m gonna extend my ladder. – [Rubble] Uh Fireman Teddy,
Red, whatever your name is? – [Ted] It’s fireman Ted who sees red. – [Rubble] Uh, your ladder doesn’t reach. – [Ted] That’s okay, I’ve got a plan. – [Rubble] Uh, okay. – [Ted] I’m gonna add these special blocks to help make my ladder longer. So I can save you Rubble. – [Rubble] Wow, Rubble on the double, I wanna get down. Keep ’em coming. Alright, Rubble on the double,
alright I’m coming down. Thank you fireman Ted
who likes to see red. – [Ted] It’s fireman Ted who like red. – [Marshall] Oh boy, Rubble
I’ve always been the one to save you in the past. – [Rubble] Uh, I know
Marshall but that’s okay. Uh, I just wanted to get down. – [Ted] Hey Rubble on the double, can I go down that slide from the lookout? – [Rubble] Uh, Rubble on the double, of course you can, I mean great. – [Marshall] Rubble, you
know Ryder’s got a rule about no one but Paw Patrol
can go down the slide. – [Rubble] Oh Marshall, he just saved me. – [Marshall] But Rubble, I
could have saved you too. – [Rubble] Yeah, but he saved me first so he’s my new friend, so he can go down. – [Ted] Yeah, that’s right Marshall. – [Marshall] Alright, if you say so. – [Rubble] Rubble on the double, woo-hoo! – [Ted] That looks like so much fun, here comes fireman Ted. Woo-hoo! – [Marshall] Oh Rubble, I
don’t know how good of an idea that was for you to go down that slide with fireman Ted. I mean, gee, he’s not even
a member of Paw Patrol. Well, I’m just gonna jump in my firetruck here and drive off. – [Rubble] Uh, Marshall? – [Marshall] Yeah Rubble, I
just gotta get my firetruck. – [Rubble] Uh, Marshall? – [Marshall] What Rubble? I’ve gotta go Rubble, so long. You and your new friend have fun. – [Rubble] Uh, Marshall
you gotta big problem. – [Ted] Hey, that Marshall
dog just took my firetruck. – [Rubble] Uh, yeah I
was trying to tell him but he like didn’t really pay attention. – [Ted] Why, I’m gonna call the police. I’ve got friends at the police. They’re gonna make sure that they get him and put him in jail. – [Rubble] Uh, I think it’s a mistake. – [Ted] Well, you can’t take my firetruck. (tape rewinding) – [Ted] Why, here comes a
member of the police right now. – [Chase] Chase is on the case. What seems to be the problem, guys? – [Ted] Why, that no good,
rotten dog that you call Marshall just stole my firetruck. – [Chase] That doesn’t
sound like Marshall. – [Ted] Well, I don’t know
who it sounds like but he came all upset that I
rescued this Rubble dog and then he took my firetruck. – [Chase] Hmm, well Chase is on the case. Don’t worry, I’ll get it back. – [Ted] I hope so. – [Chase] I’ll find Marshall, don’t worry. Or my name’s not Chase. (tape rewinding) – [Chase] Marshall, I’ve
been lookin’ for ya. – [Marshall] What’s the matter Chase? – [Chase] Marshall,
fireman Ted, who likes red, he thinks that you stole his firetruck. – [Marshall] What, stole his firetruck? My firetruck’s always had this big ladder and a big smil… Oh boy, I stole his firetruck. – [Chase] That’s right, he
thinks you did it on purpose. – [Marshall] No way, I, well… I was just flustered because was playing at the Paw Patrol lookout and he rescued Rubble and
I didn’t get a chance to. – [Chase] Well, you need
to bring his firetruck right back right away. – [Marshall] Don’t
worry, I will, let’s go! I’m sorry fireman Ted, who likes red. I brought your firetruck back. See, he’s right here. He’s got the big smile and everything. – [Ted] That’s alright, I
thought you stole it on purpose. – [Marshall] No way, I wouldn’t do that. I just didn’t look close enough. Hmm, I’m sorry. – [Ted] That’s okay, wait a minute. I’ve got another mission
I need to be going on. Alright, I don’t have time, I’ll see you Paw Patrol guys latter. So long! – [Rubble] Uh, Rubble on the double, uh, fireman Ted? – [Ted] Yeah Rubble? – [Rubble] Why don’t you wait
til the end of the video? – [Ted] I guess I can do that. – [Chase] Hey, everyone at home. Which firetruck do you like better? Fireman Ted’s, who likes red? Or do you like Marshall’s
firetruck better? Leave a comment and tell us
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know that you’ve subscribed so that we can say, thank you. – [Rubble] Yeah, we’ll say thank you, that Rubble on the double, thank you. – [Chase] Yeah yeah yeah. Alright and also give
us a paw, or a thumb up, that means you like our videos. And you can follow us
on Facebook and Twitter. – [Rubble] That’s right,
sometimes the assistant posts special videos and messages
for just people on Facebook. – [Chase] That’s right, she sure does and lots of times there’s lots of fun pictures on Facebook too. Also, we’ve got a secret speller word. – [Rubble] Yeah, we
sure, well, what is it? – [Chase] Ha, well Rubble, it’s just gonna be truck like firetruck. T-R-U-C-K That spells truck. – Yeah.
– T-R-U-C-K spells truck. So type that in the comments
and then that way we’ll know that you know how to spell truck. Okay everyone, Chase is on the case, bye. – [Rubble] Bye! – [Chase] Bye! – [Ted] Bye everyone! – [Narrator] Hey there, everyone. Thanks for watching our video
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