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Tutor Nick P Lesson 157 The Difference Between Backfire and Backlash

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this
is lesson 157. Today we’re going to look at the difference between backfire and
backlash. Students sometimes get confused between these two. Let’s look at the
definitions first. If we talk about backfire , backfire if a plan or task
backfires it has the opposite result of the one that was originally intended. But
the one that was originally planned. Now both of these actually come from like a
weapon.. Backfire is the idea of somebody shoots a gun but instead of the bullet
going at the target the bullet went and actually shot the person so the one, you
ended up getting hurt yourself as opposed to the target the one that
you’re aiming at. All right let’s take a look at backlash quick. Backlash a sudden
strong angry response, especially a delayed one usually to a political or
social change. All right now remember backlash also comes from the idea of
like a whip , you know like a lash is in a whip like when you whip someone. Each
time you hit them that’s a lash like in the old movies or especially old pirate
movies or something on the boats the punishment that they gave somebody for
doing something wrong . Every time you got hit was a lash, so you got a punishment
of 10 lashes. Each time you do it and what’s backlash? Backlash is the idea that
when you try to hit somebody and you pull it back, if you pull it back too and you get hit with your whip. So you also get affected. Although generally there is a
little bit of a delay because you hit the person first. It’s only on the way
back that you actually end up hurting yourself. All right let’s continue a
little bit more. The note here backlash is more about an emotional response
either to a new law or change in society usually a response the general
public did not at first realize the severity of
possible adverse , adverse you know very negative effects. Yeah so that’s that’s
it’s a backlash is usually sometime later.
It probably would not be until after the law is passed and then they see how bad
it is and sometimes it even takes a while for after its passed for you you
really feel the effects of it. So the backlash is often more delayed. It’s a
little bit later and it’s more about feelings it’s more about response. Where
you know backfire is more like the focus is more on the opposite result. Okay so
let’s continue here. Therefore the response tends to be more delayed
because it is not fully, fully means completely realized until the law or
change goes into effect. Yeah so again you don’t realize it until later and
that’s you you don’t really get angry until you really feel it until it really
affects you. Okay let’s continue. Backlash although negative is not exactly an
opposite result of what was planned like backfire.Backfire is like the total
opposite. But rather angry emotional feelings and criticism. A lot of people
you know complaining. That’s supposed to be the noise of complaining. All right
let’s just look at some examples then. Number one that company’s investment
in this project completely backfired. Instead of a boon, you know something
good they thought they were going to make a lot of profit from it for the
company it nearly caused it to go bankrupt. So it had almost the complete
opposite effect so it completely backfired. Okay , let’s look at number two. After Obamacare went into effect there
was a great backlash by the public. After they discovered the Affordable Health
Care Act was anything but affordable. So it ended up being a lot more expensive
and it just continued to get more expensive and more expensive
each year. that it was going further and further into effect. Yeah he kind of
delayed a lot of the things about the law until really the worst part is
almost until he was out of office so he didn’t get to get a lot of the criticism
until later and so of course that is what we mean by a backlash so a lot of
people are that are complaining about it and you know over the years as they felt
it you know when this law went into effect a lot of the Democrats in the US
had a wide majority and both in the Congress and they kept losing and losing
and losing where it was almost the opposite when he finally left office.
Okay well I hope you got it. I hope you enjoyed it thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

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