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Toronto Fire Services: 3 Firefighters Dive from Window of Burning House

In the afternoon of March 29th,
2007, Toronto Fire received a 911 call for the report of smoke visible from a
two-story detached residential home with further reports of people still inside. Rescue 225 arrived and announced a working fire visible with Rescue 224
beginning the search for occupants. Pumper 223 crew went to the second floor to search for the two people. A 2nd Alarm was announced to bring in more resources. After being on the second floor for a few minutes conducting a primary search for occupants, Pumper 223 reported flames visible. Fire had traveled up from the basement, and was now starting to go into the roof.
Temperatures began to soar with fire rapidly escalating, as the Firefighters
continued to desperately trying to locate two people reported to be inside. Under
extreme heat conditions and as flames began to consume the second floor room,
Pumper 223 Captain activated his personal alert system reporting trouble. Seconds later, with fire rolling over their heads, the crew of Pumper 223 had to make a
rapid escape. What was happening in there? Obviously you guys went in… the
fire came up from the basement and it got pretty hot and we had to get a quick.
You were what, the first guy? First guy out, got out feet-first and got stuck and blocked these guys from getting out so So, what’s going through your mind? I got to get out of here cause I’m hot outside,
they gotta be real hot inside so What was going through your mind? Why can’t I get out and, just like how
we’re going to get out of here because what had happened is the flame came from the basement; it had rolled over in the ceilings so at that point, we knew it was time to get out. We got to the window and we were jammed and couldn’t get out. So I pushed my emergency button which the other crews responded. Mark bailed out the window; took off his SCBA and my RIT training, which is Rapid
Intervention Training kicked in. I came down head-first which is the way the trained us to do it, and that allowed Jeff to come out behind me cause he was stuck. The three of us were stuck and it was getting very, very, hot. So Jeff you’re the third guy,
you’re the last guy I was bringing up the rear and it was hot it was a hot fire. We went in and did the initial search and then went back in with the hose line we discovered flames coming up the wall, I hit the flames maybe, fifteen-twenty seconds and then it rolled over on top, over the roof and that’s when we decided to get out. After a thorough search
of the house, the two occupants were found not in the home, but had already
made it outside and we’re in the backyard. Four Firefighters were injured
that day, but thankfully due to the rapid intervention training, they escaped with
only minor injuries.

  • Amazing story! Very well put together video, and production quality. Hearing the story directly from the three firefighters really took it home for me. Props to you for the video and a big big Salute to these firefighters…as well as firefighters everywhere out there putting it all on the line every day for us. Salute!

  • nothing more frustrating then finding out the occupants were standing outside all along….great job boys….nice video showing VES technique and a properly done emergency egress and all three made it out with no injuries…….don't panic and use your trainning

  • Shouldn't they have more than one Ladder so you don't have a traffic jam of firefighters waiting their turn to escape when shit, hits the fan?

  • That's why you attack all visible burning material with a high volume of water before and while you are searching.  Forget steam.  A large volume of water on burning material will instantly soak it and all you will get is warm humidity.  If you play with it with a small amount of water, then you will get some steam.  Take your pick.  1300 degrees of flame all around you or 212 degrees of steam for a few seconds.  If this fire erupted while these guys were Blindly searching, they could have died and for what?  Following brain dead rules?  Find what is burning and put water on it Now!

  • The water in the hose not only extinguishes burning material it will also COOL the hot gasses.  Open the nozzle to a 50% cone and spray the ceiling long enough to cool the space down.  K.I.S.S.  A burning material can't burn if you soak it with water.  If the air is hot, cool it with water.  Keep to the basics!  Find what's burning and Soak it.

  • Had they cleared the entire window and window frame they could have walked out. They got stuck because they didn't think before going in. I am glad that they were able to get out safely. As for they primary search being negative, a 360 of the first arriving officer may have had found the home owners quickly.

  • he got stuck because he didn't take the time to put his mask on properly his undone hanging waist strap hooked in the ladder

  • That's rookie shit the ladder is to high and is not level with the ledge….The chief or sub should be written up..

  • One armchair thought.  Tight fit on the way out.  Maybe Take out the entire center portion of the double window frame for larger egress hole?  Glad they got out okay.  sounds like old construction.  too bad the folks in the backyard didn't make themselves known or were not checked into by anyone.  Stuff happens.

  • Glad they made it out!! I gotta' say though, watching this video and the first fireman's exit from the structure, I was yelling hurry the fuck up!!!! Hurry the fuck up!!! Damn!! With that many firefighters behind you in that situation, time is essential!! In training, the instructors teach us how to escape a building in fires like this, just like the last few firefighters did, head first slide.

  • When house is burning and a window is open upper floor it is situation like a fireplace. All smoke and heat goes to open window in upper floor. Aisles and stairways acts like a chimney. Is it better attack both teams from first floor? One team takes basement and another team goes up. Fire can´t so easily surprise firefighters.

  • That's a lot of gear to go through the window. Glad they were okay. It baffles me it didn't occur to the occupants in the backyard to notify the firefighters no one was inside. Too many people don't think about anyone but themselves.

  • Man, that poor first guy….he was trying to get out and down the ladder while his two partners are in the oven like room. They were probably getting anxious as the first guy struggled. Thankfully he was able to move despite his setbacks

  • Glad these guys made it out. Also the tip of that ladder is in the wrong place. at a window, the tip of the ladder should be placed right underneath the window sill, so the tip of the ladder won't create a very dangerous tripping hazard when exiting the window. as seen at 1:10

  • I'm just curious. Aren't they to old for working in such a hard conditions? Secondly… Why they had not broken all the windows to do a proper ventilation and then searched the hsuse if they knew that the hight temperature is coming? Thanks to this, they could get rid of smoke and quickly find a fire so they could solve the problem quite quickly.
    PS: I'm from Europe and we have here another tactics to make this things done that's why iam asking

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