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Too Much Praise and Reward Will Backfire

Don’t become a praise and reward junkie… All right? We over reward and we over praise and I’m not gonna say, okay, please put your pencils away Thank you everyone for putting your pencils away. That was a great job See that overpraise stuff and then people get addicted to that You know, it’s like move your seat. Thank you if you have a If you have a kid who’s out of control or upset and you say that kid? Hey get out from under the table, you know from under the table and join us and so the kid goes Then about five ten minutes later, they come crawling out because I didn’t I didn’t pay attention to them that happens a lot You don’t pay attention to make him crawling out you know after a while like I’m crawling out and they sit in the chair and then I make the mistake of going over and Say thank you for making a good choice Don’t do that If the kids fight if the function of their behavior is control and they want a piece of the control let them have that piece So they didn’t come out from under the table exactly when you said to they waited five and then they came out they still came out But as soon as you say thank you for making a good choice you’ve now just rubbed it in that you won and They lost It gotta be careful with that stuff praise. It’s not a bad thing. But sometimes the timing is way off All right, the last thing we want to hear when we’ve done something we really don’t want to do Is for someone to say thanks for doing that Thanks for watching. And I hope you found this video helpful. If you did make sure to LIKE and subscribe So you never miss another video I speak in consult on school behavior, and I love to help districts solve some of these problems See you next time

  • That makes better sense it’s like remembering why I hated you 5 minutes ago for getting out from under the table it’s the timing. It’s not to say don’t really don’t praise and reward as it could be the hot stone from the child who else as no reason pay you any attention. From the cruel books that I read

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