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  • Firemen are the best guys. There's a 90s song by Sexual Democracia "Bombero Chico Bueno" check it out gringo. It's sort of funny, but it tells heaps of truths. Anyway, I hope you can make it with the tourism board. The Maule region is a virgin paradise in terms of tourism. There are lots of beautiful spots along the cordillera. I spent most of my childhood going up there with my family for summer holidays.
    Keep it up gringo, but for now… Chao!

  • Hi your video about Chili are very nice , do you have a mountain or costal cliff with Paraglider Pilot who fly nearby , go filme and talk with them while they takeoff .it would make great videos , your idea to live ther is very cool , thanks

  • Not also they work for free, they also have to buy their own equipment, the government barely helps them. Here in my town (Limache) we have had wildfires every single week, but those are not even close to what have been going on in the 6th region. And now the ashes cloud coveres probably the entire fifth region. It's nice to see your vision of our volunteers. greetings jon

  • I hope the fires are over soon. The heat in the central zone is strong and more if there is a fire. Tio Jon, do you think the Green Bay Packers will play the Super Bowl?

  • I can't understand how firefighters aren't getting paid! It's so scary how there has been so many fires in the forests in the last few days!

  • Hmm…completely volunteer-based throughout ALL of Chile?
    Is there formal training that they have to undergo?
    😀 Maybe, you should do a video interviewing the volunteer fire captain all about what they do, how they do it, how they got there, why they do it, etc.

  • Hi Jon
    Most of our bush fire fighters are volunteers as well, they do an amazing job –
    Hope to visit your part of the world soon. John

  • Hey john , here's some homework…. Do you know the term "Brigadista de CONAF"?? Its the same as Bomberos?? Heheheh have fun

  • I remember laying in bed in Antofagasta and being awoken by the sound of my tv bouncing off the wall (terremoto) and the proceeding tsunami warnings coming from the loudspeakers outside my apartment. Truly terrifying.

  • tío Jon dile a Fabián que: "why=por qué, because=porque", además debe saber la diferencia entre "a" (preposición) y "ha" (del verbo haber). Thank you for your support. God bless you

  • gracias por el saludo … somos voluntarios porque sentimos el llamado a servir a otros lo que asemos es para que otros vivan ahun a costa de la nuetra vida

  • Chilean firefighters are true heroes, they save people they give their lifes without getting any money from it, in fact it's the other way around, to be a firemen in Chile you have to pay certain amount of money

  • Jon. I been watching your videos for a couple of weeks. I feel really impressive for your way to see the things. I really like it!!. I lived for a little time in Linares and was not easy. I think with your attitude It could have been better.

    Thank you for what are you doing in Chile. Many people here don't see all what are you showing. I'm firefighter and a lot of time ive seen people showing their disrespect for our work.

    I will follow your channel because I think is very interesting.

    Thank you again.

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