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Taneytown Fire Department Ladder 5 and Utility 5

Carroll, Engine 31? 31, copy Just confirming, you’re still on the air? That’s affirmative Carroll’s direct, 19:58 Alpha 3, 20:00 38 to Carroll? 38? I’ll handle the call at Safehaven, I’m clear of the hospital Okay, Medic 38, 20:00 *All Call Tone* Last call for Medic 39’s been cancelled Medic 38’s handling, 20:01 Medic 38, Medical Alarm 3-34… …Safehaven, trouble breathing, 55 year old male Copy on… 38, 20:0… Carroll, Medic 38? Go ahead You or the Station… Decreased level of consciousness, Poole Road We can handle it Direct, standby to copy Medical Alarm 3-33, Medic 38 on the air alerted Decreased level of consciousness Number 412 Poole Road, apartment 4C/Charlie Between East Main Street and Clinger Drive, Alpha 3, 20:16 Medic 38? Enroute Carroll? Engine 33? ATF has the scene, Engine 33’s clear Engine 33’s in service, quaters 38’s on scene, City Police aren’t here Okay 38, they’re en route

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