How to Grill Perfect Firehouse Burgers

>>Jimmy Shotwell: Hi, I’m Jimmy Shotwell: award-winning pitmaster, and today we’re gonna talk about burgers. We’re not going to talk about just any burgers, we’re going to talk about firehouse burgers. First thing we need to talk about when we talk about hamburgers, is not the buns or anything like that. We need to talk […]

YTP | Fireman Sam Betrays The Sparkes

“Hey!” “I’m Fireman Sam and today we’re going to be-” “LEARNING LEARNING LEARNING!” “With Joe And Hannah.” “We’ll be telling you why you should always watch over a-” “Broken frying pan…” “The sciency bits!” “Is that even necessary?” “This is a-” “Broken frying pan…” “And we’ve turned the heat right up!” “Blah blah blah blah…” […]

ANTI-LAG | How it Works

(tires squealing and exhaust cracking) – Huh, what, is it broken? (engines spraying and cracking) Huh! (exhaust cracking) Oh, don’t worry it’s just anti-lag. (electronic music) Turbos, what’s not to like? Oh yeah, lag. – [Man] You suck. – How do you get rid of lag? Anti-lag. (engine revving and exhaust cracking) If you watched […]

BEST 16 Games like Witcher 3 | 2020

Nothing can substitute the Witcher, but some titles can ease your urge for a similar game. So let’s start with Horizon Zero Dawn I often call this game a Witcher for little girls, because it has really similar battle mechanics, open world full of monsters, many dialogues, 3rd person view and so on, but there […]