Crowd watches Carmichael Denny’s restaurant burn for Sacramento firefighter training

[BLANK_AUDIO] All right, as soon as that goes we’re out. [BLANK_AUDIO] All right, let’s start moving. [BLANK_AUDIO]>>Whoa. [BLANK_AUDIO]>>This trainiing is really to help us practice, just like anany kind of sports or athletic team would do for their playbook for the game. For us, we have standard operating guidelines. They help us actually respond to […]

CCC offers firefighter training courses

I’ve been a firefighter for approximately 18 years, and I’m here to talk about how Coconino Community College has affected my career. CCC provided my initial training to prepare me to be a firefighter – all of the basic training. I learned how to become a company officer, emergency scene management, company officer skills. Those […]

WFSTAR: Standard Firefighting Orders

(banjo music) – The ten standard firefighting orders were first developed in 1957 by a task force studying the common factors in fatality fires over the previous two decades. The intent was for the orders to be committed to memory and implemented by all personnel involved in fire control operations. (banjo music) Each fire order […]