fire truck

Little Heroes 4 – The Stealer, The Fire Engine and The Batmobile

♪[theme music] >>Narrator: ONE SUNNY DAY… ♪[peaceful music] >>Narrator: THE STEALER! ♪[evil villain music] [evil laugh] ♪[peaceful music] [phone rings] >>Police Officer: WHAT IS IT? >>Dispatcher: A CORVETTE HAS BEEN STOLEN! WE NEED YOU TO INVESTIGATE.>>Officer: I’M ON IT! [engine revving] >>Officer: WHAT HAPPENED? >>Girl: MY CAR GOT STOLEN!>>Officer: I’LL FIND IT!>>Girl: THANK YOU.>>Officer: THAT’S […]

Probationary Firefighter

It’s really a lifestyle change. You really start in with more serious classes, there’s a dress code for your classes, you’re not just showing up in your sweats and shirt and kicking back in your chairs. You’re, there’s a standard held to you. I’m Probationary Firefighter Connor Routzon. I graduated from NJC in May of […]