Retained Firefighter, Lucy

My name’s Lucy and I’ve been a Retained Firefighter with Fire & Rescue NSW for six years. During the day I have a fulltime job where I do business admin at the local pharmacy. Well there you go, that’s one for sensitive skin. Benefits of being a Retained Firefighter are you get to work with […]

Firefighter Turnout Gear Offers Superior Flame Resistance| DuPont™ Nomex® -“Beating the Heat”

01:00:02:20, 01:00:09:11 >>LIN WEIHUANG: Right now China is advancing rapidly. For firefighters, it’s a challenge. 01:00:10:20, 01:00:15:14 >>LIN WEIHUANG: I grew up in the country. When I first got into the city, I’d never seen buildings so tall. 01:00:17:07, 01:00:20:15 >>LIN WEIHUANG: I thought, how do we fight fires in such tall buildings? 01:00:21:05, 01:00:24:09 >>LIN […]