Minion Firefighters

Hello boys and girls and welcome to Toys On The Go! A super special hello to all our followers Today I´ve got a really fun pack of Minion firefighters It´s a building block game from Mega Bloks which includes the super crazy Minion figurines You´ll see how they put out a fire at the fire […]

Ride On Fire Engine for Kids – Unboxing, Review and Riding

♪[rock and roll music]>>Chris: OPEN IT!>>Lucas: OHH…>>Chris: A FIRE TRUCK!>>>AWESOME!>>Dad: THIS IS A KIDS’ TWO SEATER FIRE ENGINE. >>>Kids: WHOA!>>Chris: THESE ARE HEAVY. [yells] [offscreen] >>Dad: THAT GOES ON THE FIRETRUCK.>>Chris: WE HAVE TO DO IT TOGETHER.>>>WHAT?! >>Dad: LOOK AT THIS…>>Chris: THERE’S A BUNCH OF ACCESSORIES! >>Chris: THIS IS IT… >>Lucas: [interrupting] I FOUND A […]

Little Heroes 3 – Firemen with their Fire Engine Teaching Darth Vader a Few Lessons

♪[theme music] ♪[peaceful music] >>Chris: I’M TIRED. >>Chris: I’M BORED TODAY. >>Lucas: ME TOO!>>Chris: WHAT SHOULD WE DO, LUCAS?>>Lucas: I THINK THERE’S A BAD GUY OUT THERE AND HE’S NAMED DARTH VADER. [phone rings] >>Chris: WHAT IS IT? >>Dispatcher [offscreen]: SOMEONE’S BULLYING IN THE PARK. WE NEED YOU TO TAKE CARE OF IT.>>Chris: WE’RE ON […]