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Struthers fire station holds open house, emphasizes need for new facility

The Struthers fire department was on display today… while the city is trying to show the need for a new fire station. The city says the current fire station is aging rapidly and doesn’t meet the city’s current needs. Maintenance is a major issue. People got the chance to see the old fire house. There was also information about the station Struthers wants to build. The expected cost is about 1 point 8 million dollars. Mayor Terry Stocker says he thinks people will support a bond issue for the new fire station… Especially once they understand how badly it’s needed. [A27]20190601 STRUTHERS FIRE-SV Mayor Terry Stocker: “WE WENT OUT AND WE LOOKED FOR ANY KIND OF MONEY THAT WOULD BE AVAILABLE THROUGH FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OR STATE GOVERNMENT. THERE’S NOTHING REALLY OUT THERE. SO IN ORDER FOR US TO IMPROVE A STRUCTURE AND PROVIDE SAFER CONDITIONS FOR OUR FIREFIGHTERS WE NEEDED TO REACH OUT TO OUR RESIDENTS IN NOVEMBER AND THEY WOULD BE RECEPTIVE ENOUGH TO CONSIDER SUPPORTING A NEW BOND ISSUE FOR THE CITY.” Plans for the new fire house call for it to be built near the intersection of Elm Street and Elm Court. That’s about a quarter of a mile from its current location. [A28]6PM TZ

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