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Spring Hill Fire Department Informational Video

As a team, the City of Spring Hill’s Fire
Department works hard every day to provide Public Safety and medical
response to our community. Spring Hill is often ranked high among the safest
cities in Tennessee and even in the nation due to the efforts of our police
and fire departments. The Fire Department employs 58 personnel, including 50
firefighters, 3 battalion Chiefs who oversee daily operations, and 5
administrative staff members including the fire chief and Fire Marshal. About
1/4 of the city’s 231 employees work for the fire department. The department has
three shifts that rotate on a 24-hour basis; each shift has 18 firefighters.
Spring Hill’s first station was located at 407 McLemore Avenue. Built in 1943,
it served the City for 45 years. The Spring Hill Volunteer Fire Department
built a new fire station in 1988 at 440 Beechcroft Road, which is still being
used today. It houses a ladder company and EMS unit. Fire Station 2 at 4273
Port Royal Road is Spring Hill’s largest and newest fire station. Built in 2015, it
houses an engine company, rescue company, and an EMS unit. Fire Station 3 at 4000
Campbell Station Parkway was built in 2002 and houses an engine company,
battalion chief, and an EMS unit. The department has a disaster relief trailer
as well as a trench rescue trailer made possible through a partnership with
Maury County Emergency Management. Having multiple stations helps to
maintain the city’s low Insurance Service Office rating, or ISO, at a
Class-3, which helps our citizens financially. For a fire department to run
at full capacity, it takes a lot of work and funding. About 24% of the General
Fund goes to our fire department, which primarily funds firefighter salaries,
uniforms, small equipment, and supplies while large capital purchases such as
fire trucks are funded through the Capital Improvement Program.
When the department isn’t fighting fires, they’re primarily responding to
emergency medical calls, along with working traffic accidents, performing
vehicle extractions, responding to alarm calls, and an occasional swift water
rescue and trench ditch rescues. The departments also have regular training
that keeps our firefighters up to date on proper procedures and protocols to
keep the public and themselves safe in dangerous situations. It’s a growing
department … it’s a rapidly growing department, and I saw a lot of the
similarities that Spring Hill is going through now that I was involved in with
Franklin Fire Department when they were growing. So, a lot of similarities between where Franklin was in 1985 and where we are in 2015 when I started … 2014 when I started work. So, growth is one. The size of the department … it’s growing,
it’s grown since I’ve gotten here. We’ve added probably 15 new employees in
the last five years, so that’s part of your growth in the fire department. We’ve
changed a lot of stuff with the way the Spring Hill Fire Department responds to, or how they
respond, and who they respond to. We’ve got good partnerships with Maury County, Columbia
Fire, Williamson County Rescue Squad, so we have done a lot of mutual aid is the best way of saying that. So, people in the state of Tennessee are recognizing Spring Hill Fire Department now. That’s a big thing. At the end of the day,
our fire department cares greatly for our city and does all it can to prevent
fires and accidents through public awareness and fire marshal inspections. For more information on the City of Spring Hill’s Fire Department, please visit To reach the Fire Department for
non-emergencies, please call 615-302-3462. If an emergency occurs, please
call 911.

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