Spain floods: Eighth victim of horror weather drowns in Costa Brava garage – News 247

 The police, fire brigade and divers rushed to the scene in Platja d’Aro, about 30 miles from Girona, following reports that a someone was trapped but it took four hours to locate his body because of the atrocious conditions Water had to be pumped away before it was safe for divers to begin their search and rescue mission but there was nothing which could be done to save the man’s life The victim was 30 years of age and described as “foreign”. It is understood the owner of the garage had given him permission to sleep there because he was going through tough economic times and needed somewhere to stay  The alert was raised in the mid-afternoon and an investigation is underway to find out why the man did not get out Reports say the garage door was closed and the flood water seeped underneath it until the unit was completely flooded  The emergency services in the area were inundated with calls to do with flooding which has also affected Barcelona and and Tarragona where numerous events were cancelled, including a circus  The man who died in the garage is is the eighth victim of Spain’s worst storms for 140 years which have plagued a huge part of the mainland for the last ten days, as well as Mallorca and Ibiza  A Dutch citizen washed away by a torrent of water in Alicante.  The first two victims of the floods were a brother and sister in Albacete whose vehicle was washed away and overturned  Another man drowned after he accidentally drove into a tunnel in Almería that had been closed off due to flooding Later that same day another man lost his life in a ravine in Baza, Granada. A man aged 58 was found dead in an area of Orihuela (Valencia), while the body of a 41-year-old man was located in La Matanza (Valencia), all victims of the flooding

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