Sky City fire: Questions over environmental, economic and financial fall out

When I came into work
this afternoon, the fire was extinguished. I didn’t see any water dousing
the roof of the convention centre. Let’s cross over to Te Rauhiringa Brown
who is right in the action. She will sum up all
the collateral damage of the blaze. Over to you, Te Rauhiringa. Thank you, Scotty. Although the fire is under control
there are many questions unanswered. The Auckland Council is
concerned about toxicity levels and contamination from the water
used for the fire going into the sea. While we are talking, there are cars currently flooded
in the SkyCity car park due to the amounts of water used
to put the fire out. This is what the NZ Fire Service
said earlier. This highlights
all the insurance claims that will no doubt
be coming through. We also spoke to local businesses
who have been affected, some who say they haven’t had
any customers since the fire started. The question is how much
will the government support those affected due to the fire? Thank you for the update, Te Rauhiringa Brown. Especially as you’re standing
out there exposed to the chilly elements. It loks like there is
some light rain. Thank you for the update.

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