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Seungjae wants to become a firefighter! [The Return of Superman/2018.04.01]

(Moving about) – Daddy, my teacher / – What? wrote a letter to you. This is for me? Yes. – You were told to give this to me? / – Yes. You have to find and talk with the person you want to become in the future. What do you want to be when you grow up? – A sheep. / – A sheep? (Taken aback) What do you want to be when you’re older? (Thinking seriously) A firefighter. You want to be a firefighter? Why do you want to become a firefighter? – Because they’re brave. / – I see. So you want to become a brave person? Really? Then I think… (In order to meet with a firefighter) You should prepare a letter and a gift (They prepare a letter and a small gift.) for the firefighters. Let’s prepare together. – What is that? / – A gift. Seungjae, what should I write to the firefighter? “Dear Mr. Firefighter, thank you very much.” “I love you.” “I’ll give you a gift.” Okay. “Dear Mr. Firefighter.” – “You’re cool.” / – “You’re cool”. (Feeling proud) Let’s wrap the present for them, okay? You can prepare three pieces of chocolate and three pieces of candy. (Gosh, that is a lot of candies.) I should eat one too. Here, take one. Take the expensive one. I’ll give you this one. We’re only giving one away since it’s expensive. (What’s with Daddy today?) Okay, give away just one. (I prepared it specially for you.) Okay, give away just one. (Dropping) How can you drop this expensive candy? (Now let’s give this expensive candy a taste.) (Gosh, it’s sour.) (Chuckling) (Geez, I fell for it.) You should eat it too, Daddy. No, I don’t want it. My mouth is watering just from watching you. (Licking away) (This lemon-flavored candy is mischievous.) Seriously, Dad. (Laughing heartily) Let me have a chocolate too. Okay, go ahead. (He slyly earns himself some chocolate.) (They spend the time being playful.) After some effort, their gift of chocolate with a hand-written letter are good to go. (They arrive at the fire station after calling in.) You have to go with me, Seungjae. (Seungjae struts in with confidence.) Is this 119? (Beaming) – Hi, Seungjae. / – Hello. Safety. – Safety. / – Safety. Safety. It’s okay. What’s that, Seungjae? It’s a present. (They’re all interested.) Seungjae, you can’t walk in alone like that. You have to go with me. – Hello. / – Hello. Seungjae said he wanted to become a firefighter. Really? He looks up to firefighters a lot. So we came to visit and give you a gift. Did you put out a fire today? We haven’t yet today. There were no fires today. But Seungjae, fires aren’t a good thing. If they’re very busy, that means there are many emergencies outside. Let’s give them our gift. (Seungjae prepared the gift for them.) They’re presents from Seungjae. – It looks good. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (He makes sure that everyone receives one.) Safety. Thank you. You’re so nice. – Safety. / – Thank you. (He makes sure to salute everyone.) – Safety. / – Thank you. Is this for me? (He receives a gift in return.) (We welcome you to our junior corps.) You look great, Seungjae. Here’s another gift. You look great. (Seungjae, junior firefighter) This is… (Spraying) (Receiving a call from his wife) Seungjae is here at the station. – It’s Seungjae. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Say hello. Say hello, Seungjae. I’m going to become a firefighter. He said he wants to put out fires. Make sure to get a picture. – Hello. / – Hello. (Become a brave firefighter, Seungjae.) (A photo is a must.) Seungjae, the future firefighter. We look forward to the day.


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