Semmes Fire Department gets new gear

THE SEMMES FIRE DEPARTMENT IS GETTING SOME NEW EQUIPMENT FROM A FIREHOUSE KNOWN FOR SANDWICHES. NEWS FIVE’S CHAD PETRI HAS THE STORY. : THESE ARE SOME OF THE MORE THAN 30 SECONDS OF FIREHOSES READY TO BE DEPLOYED BY SEMMES FIREFIGHTERS–A BIG BOOST TO THE SMALL DEPARTMENT THAT WAS SEEING WEAR AND TEAR ON THEIR GEAR. Kevin Brooks, Semmes Fire Chief: sometimes we have to load the dirty hose back on the truck at the scene and then we have to get back to the station and wash it and put it back on and let it dry, now we can replace that hose with clean dry hose we have stored back at the station Chad Petri, @wkrg.chad.petri: This is part of a number of donations the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation gives during the course of a year Jim Chandler, Firehouse Franchise owner in Mobile: to help first responders save lives, it’s a simple mission it’s been involved in since 2005 we’ve donated more than 44 million dollars worth of equipment across the country. CHAD: THE DONATION IS FOR 10,674 DOLLARS, THE EXACT COST OF THE NEW GEAR, SOMETHING THESE FIREFIGHTERS DEFFINATELY COULD USE. David Baker, Mayor: you have to have a legitimate need, you have to process the paperwork and they get quite a few needs during the year. CHAD: FIREFIGHTERS HERE SAID THEY’RE GLAD TO HAVE THIS NEED FILLED CHAD PETRI WKRG NEWS FIVE. Wednesday saw several new record high temperatures set. Mobile and Pensacola both saw temperatures that shattered

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