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Scavengers hunt shipping containers wash up in Germany and Holland – Daily News

Dutch and German authorities are warning prospective treasure hunters to stay away from 270 shipping containers lost at sea by a cargo ship as some are carrying hazardous materials. The Panama-registered MSC Zoe shed the containers, containing mostly toys, IKEA furniture and car parts while battling a storm off the Wadden Islands, an archipelago off the northwestern Dutch coast. Despite warnings, locals on the Wadden islands have been seen recovering toys and goods – including flat-screen TVs – from broken containers which have turned up on their beaches. The Dutch coastguard tweeted that three of the containers contained, in powder form, highly flammable, potentially dangerous organic peroxides used in making plastics which can cause irritation if breathed in. German coastguard sources said they had located one container holding organic peroxide among six containers that reached the country’s coastline. Share this article Share They also warned the public not to touch the containers if found, but to call police or the fire brigade. The Dutch coastguard added they did not have information about the content of cargo beyond that of the 20 or so containers which washed up on the Wadden islands, also known as the Frisian islands. A Dutch coastguard plane was due to undertake a new search on Thursday morning while strong winds were hampering the MSC Zoe’s own attempts to carry out an inventory. The mayor of Terschelling island, where some of the cargo washed ashore, told Dutch broadcaster NOS that he expected it would take several days to clear the beach of stray items from the containers. The 2015-built MSC Zoe, which was headed to the northern German port of Bremerhaven, is one of the world’s largest container vessels at 1,300 feet long and 194ft wide.

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