S1:E3 Displacers: Gin and Mark Wilson-North – Digital Detox and the Art of Giving People Adventures

I do what I do because I love being outside. I don’t want to be cooped up in an office and I love enabling other people to enjoy our fantastic coastline. The whole thing came from my passion for walking and being outside. But my job has never been that. And it wasn’t until I was made redundant that it gave me the opportunity to think what I wanted to do. It was a question someone asked me just after I had been made redundant and I was wondering what next. And I was actually walking Hadrian’s Wall. A chap asked me the question what do I do and I said that’s a very good question because I don’t know anymore because I’ve just been made redundant. And he said, what do you like doing? And I said this, I love being outside and exploring and just being immersed into the big outdoors and he said, that’s where you need to start. It was also a lifestyle change wasn’t it? Especially for you at the moment. Not going back into the same environment. And doing something different, doing something that Who wouldn’t want the office of the Norfolk coast everyday? We were both, I think you were 14 I was about 13 years in overseas search and rescue. So we did a lot of training on being self-sufficient and responding overseas and basically looking for survivors under piles of rubble in earthquakes. So we have a, sort of, basic understanding of people’s basic needs. And I think if you can meet those basic needs and start to build on them then people feel safe and secure. We say glamping but I suppose really we are still a camping experience but more on the luxury scale because we’re putting it up for people and we are providing everything for people. We do have slightly different ways of doing something So occasionally I can get criticised for doing something some way or I might criticise you for doing something some way but we do have our own techniques. And we usually compromise in the end because actually if it’s a better way of doing something then we’ll adopt that. It’s learning all the time. Even now, there will be times where I put a tent up and I think why haven’t I done that this way before? That’s far easier. So yes, it is all about enabling others to have adventures. Making memories and taking a step back from everyday life so that they can literally put the phone down for a while unless they are taking a photo of the amazing scenery but it is, you know digital detox, get out there listen to wildlife feel the outdoors listen to it, taste it it can change people and I think the wonderful thing is is as people do, especially our walking holidays you see a different in them as they’re walking and each day, as each day progresses you can kind of see their stress start to fall away because they’ve had an amazing adventure that they never thought they would be able to do. And it is because we are taking the hassle out of setting up tents and what do I need to bring? And how do I get from A to B? We do all of that for people so that they can literally just immerse themselves in our beautiful coast. We are passionate about Norfolk and you know, we are giving people that opportunity to see some of the quieter areas and fall in love with it.

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