Roswell firefighter critically injured in fireworks explosion released for homecoming

HE SUFFERED SEVERE BURNS IN THIS FIREWORKS EXPLOSION. WEEKS LATER — ROSWELL FIREFIGHTER HOBY BONHAM IS NOW OUT OF THE HOSPITAL– AND TODAY GOT A HUGE WELCOME HOME FROM HIS COMMUNITY. NEWS 13 )S ELENA MENDOZA SHOWS US. nats of fire engine honking IT )S A DAY MANY PEOPLE IN ROSWELL HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR. Brenda Morrow/Lives in Roswell “We )re so thankful that he got to come home.” A HOMECOMING FOR LONGTIME ROSWELL FIREFIGHTER HOBY BONHAM. TODAY — HE )S OUT OF THE HOSPITAL — WEEKS AFTER HE AND FELLOW FIREFIGHTER – JEFF STROBLE – SUFFERED SEVERE BURNS FROM THIS JUNE 5TH EXPLOSION. THEY WERE HANDLING FIREWORKS TO BE USED FOR THE CITY )S FOURTH OF JULY SHOW. TODAY )S PROCESSION CELEBRATED HIS RECOVERY AS PEOPLE WATCHED WITH AMERICAN FLAGS IN HAND. more nats of fire engine honking Hoby Bonham/Injured in explosion “Brings tears to you, gives you chills, it )s… wonderful.” HOBY THANKED THE COMMUNITY THAT RAISED TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS… TO HELP COVER HIS MEDICAL EXPENSES WHILE AT A LUBBOCK HOSPITAL. Hoby Bonham/Injured in explosion “All of donations and fundraisers and prayers… really been humbled by all of it.” Devin Graham/Roswell Fire Department “We can )t show our appreciation enough” BUT WHILE HE WAS BEING CELEBRATED — BONHAM SAID HE )S MISSING HIS FRIEND STROBLE, WHO IS STILL IN THE HOSPITAL. Hoby Bonham/Injured in explosion “Kind of sad to leave Jeff… but I know that he )s in great care over there.” Devin Graham/Roswell Fire Department “As positive as this is, we don )t want to lose track of the fact that there )s still some healing to do and Jeff )s still fighting his fight over in Lubbock.” BONHAM SAYS HE NOW WANTS TO FOCUS ON RESTING AND HIS AT-HOME THERAPY. Hoby Bonham/Injured in explosion “I )m beat. I )ve got a lot of work on getting these grafts to where they )ll close in and streched out for lack of better words.” HE )S LOOKING FORWARD TO FINALLY SEEING AND HUGGING HIS TWO KIDS. IN ROSWELL, ELENA MENDOZA, KRQE NEWS 13. TEN OTHER FIREFIGHTERS HAD MINOR INJURIES IN THE EXPLOSION BUT ARE ALL OKAY. STROBLE )S FAMILY SAYS HE CONTINUES TO FIGHT IN THE HOSPITAL. THE CAUSE OF THE EXPLOSION REMAINS UNDER INVESTIGATION. HAPPENING NOW —

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