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Riverside Monthly – Riverside Fire Department Reaches Accreditation and ISO Class 1 Milestones

hi there it’s mayor rusty Bailey again to
tell you about the Riverside fire department who’s stepping up its game
and becoming one of the few departments in the state and the country to earn
both accreditation and class 1 designation so join me as we learn how
this accomplishment will benefit Riverside residents and business owners hi welcome again to another segment of
riverside monthly with mayor bailey I’m Steve Brazill mr. mayor how are you today? I’m always fabulous and specially when I’m with you and and now
we have you know yeah lawayne Hearn with this yeah deputy chief of
the the Riverside Fire Department we’ve got a great topic for you and by the way
this month we’ve got four topics so make sure you look up each and every one
because we’ve got some really really timely and sensitive material that we
got to talk about this month but right now I want to talk about something
that’s actually really cool the City of Riverside is gonna be one of those rare
few fire departments we’re talking about the department accreditation and a class
1 status so accreditation is obviously a big deal it is and it’s a long process
since and there’s less than 300 of these accredited departments across the
country and we’re the 21st in California Tell us about that. real excited about
being accredited you know in the past we thought that we had a great department
but it was just based off of how we felt we always think we have great we always
and we do and we do yes but this this process of accreditation took about four
years where we accumulated a lot of data and information and at the conclusion of
this self-evaluation process we proved to our peers right that we’re a
legitimate fire department that’s right four year degree four years four years
to get it but only three hundred in the entire country and if you really think
about how many fire departments exist in the US only 21 in the state of
California are accredited. measures Z gave funding to the Riverside fire
department and with that measure Z funding we’re talking more rigs we’re
talking personnel how did that play a role was it was it the fact that we have
more rigs the personnel was it both it was both through accreditation and ISO
they look at our insurance services organization yeah that’s a big deal they
look at our personnel our equipment our training they look at all facets and
through measure Z we were able to give funding to get more equipment and more
personnel so it came it was very timely it came at the right time.
and it helped us through this accreditation process to to become a credit agency
well our fire department RFD is seeking a class one standing what does that mean
it means so Insurance Services office they rank fire departments yes right and
as Steve said there’s 48,000 fire departments throughout the United States
ok I was gonna ask that because when I said the 300 number I’m like I really
wonder where that lands because it sounds so small mm-hmm. It is, it is. so so for years we were ranked as a
class 2 fire department but I’m pleased to announce this week we heard from ISO
and and we’re getting upgraded we’re going to be a class 1 fire department so
what does that mean for our homeowners I mean that’s for insurance reasons
insurance that they have for their for their houses for their property is gonna
go down it could it’s a factor that is utilized for insurance services so what
it means to the public it means that premiums for homeowner insurance for a
business could go down fire the fire side of the insurance right fire side
yes I’m curious going back to just a class one form or a helicopter view so
is it when you’re getting the class 1 is it focused on the type of training that
you have is it focused on the size of the department is it things like access
to a professional water supply what are we talking about here with that class 1
we’re talking about all facets of our department where they’re looking at our
dispatch system there like there’s another one you okay yeah they’re
looking at how fast our call takers are picking up the phone when someone calls
9 1 1 yeah our response times seconds seconds count as you know mayor yeah
they’re looking at our training our equipment our technology water supply
water supply alternate water sources they’re looking at everything to ensure
that we have a sustainable system in our city and we do yeah another great reason
we have our own public utility right so a great partnership with them yes sir we
do yeah yeah which by the way is one of our segments this month who we talked to
rpu yeah hey we got a great family in this city
yeah we work with each other only five accredited class 1 departments in
California. its an elite group yes very elite and and back to I I mean I think this is
a public engagement we’re trying to educate the public on why this is so
important so back to the fire insurance how is it gonna affect fire insurance
for our city it’s it as it’s a designator that insurance companies look
at when insurance companies go through the underwriting process they look at
the class of fire departments that we have again we were a class 2 now we’ve
elevated that tier so it’s to the benefit of the community that we are a
class 1 fire department and by the way now that you got that call and you know
it’s definitely going to happen congratulate thank you so much
well-deserved well-earned it’s amazing that we have such professional
organizations all under the umbrella of the city right RFD RPD RPU you we’ve
just built a really really good community here and people like you are
part of that reason so thanks for joining us Thank You, it’s a
testament to the city. Establish in 1887 Riverside Fire Department yeah I think
it’s the oldest agency in this in City Hall oh wow interesting I did not know
that so a deputy chief lewayne Hearn for the City of Riverside Fire Department
thanks for joining Thank You mr. mayor always good to see you sir love it so
this is Riverside monthly with Mayor Bailey I’m Steve Brazill we’ve got four
segments this month we’ll see on those

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