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Richard Branson’s casino lesson backfired… | Magic Radio

Tom: I really enjoyed the story [in the book]
about taking your kids to the casino to try to teach them a lesson about gambling. Richard: Yeah, it was quite fun – I decided
that, y’know, it’s OK to own a casino but whatever happens, don’t go and spend your
money gambling in a casino. So I took my kids there to teach them a lesson,
I gave them a couple hundred dollars each. Very quickly we lost the money, I took them
to the bar and I was doing the fatherly lecture about ‘Did you see how quickly you lost your
money?’ And we were passing the table, and the people
at the table got up and gave us a round of applause. And I saw this enormous pile of
chips on the table, and it turned out that I’d left a chip on the table, it had been
doubling and doubling and doubling. So I went to the table and I very quickly split the
chips amongst everybody at the table because if they hadn’t told us, we wouldn’t have known. Both my kids had a big smirk on their faces
as they left the casino!

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