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Repairing gas stove flame

Hi today I want to tell you about reason behind
the problem of having improper flame in your cooking stove and how can you repair it. Some time you realise that the flame is not
as it use to be , one of common issue which could cause this issue is dirty gas nozzle,
in order to repair such problem you just need to clean the nozzle with thin wire or special
nozzle cleaning tool , which is simply its a tine wire fixed to handle since I had this tool availableI have used
it in my video. but similarly you can use thin wire or niddle
too, it should only be the same size of the gas nozzle hole, as you will see in the video
. You can reach the gas nozzle once you remove
the flame distributor as you can see. then carefully insert the wire into the nozzle
hole and push it back and forth and also turn it around to clean the hole . thats it it should be ok now .
return the flame distributor in place and try it. as you can see the flame is much better and
it burns nice and blue I will be posting new videos every week so don’t forget to subscribe

  • This helped me a lot…low flame for a year, after watching this video halfway. I did try to do it on our stove, my mom was so impressed with

  • We have a mabe 4 hole stove, only one is burnig, we going to tro it away ang get a knew one, but after seing this I go and give a try.

  • most excellent robot voice.. where do they get the robot ? We used to call this tool a "pricker"  for our Optimus and Svea  back pack and sailing stoves.

  • I bought a stove but the person I bought it from said they raised the flames but I want to lower them I find it is too dangerous how can I lower it back down?

  • I try this on all 4 burners still very low. It take over an hour to bring water to boil… help!!! What can be the problem?

  • I have just the opposite issue with my portable 2-burner stove: The flames are much too powerful. Initially, thinking the cause may have been a malfunctioning regulator, I replaced it with a new one. But the problem persists. It's not the cylinder either, because I switched it with another one and that didn't help. The stove itself has levers to adjust the gas-to-air ratio, but moving them had little effect. There are no other adjustable parts on the stove. To give you an idea of how ridiculous the situation is, the flame produced by the lowest setting on both burners is equivalent to what the highest setting should be. So, you can imagine what the highest setting is like! (I forgot to mention that it's propane cylinders I'm using.)

  • Thanks for the video, please help with my issue I'm having. When I press the button in the flame is fine. As soon as I release the button the flame goes off. Seems like I'm not getting continuous gas flow after ignition. PleAse help

  • You really shouldn't have that aluminum foil on the range top. If gas builds up underneath it and then ignites. 💣🧨🔥

  • Hi I am from Melbourne, Australia ¬¬>   This is a quality made unit that has a great flame for cooking. Just toss out the crappy plastic case and find a good one that fits.

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