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Refugio Fire station still in rebuilding process

King Harvey hit the Coastal Bend yeah places like preppy Rio were hit pretty hard in particular their City Fire Station your sunrise reporter Roland Rodriguez with more hurricane Harvey didn’t seem to leave any building untouched into the future and that includes their fire station Harvey did a number on the city it’s been a real tough two years for this way it’s been for this department and this entire town yes this time I got this town got kicked in the teeth rock board got it worse but we took six hours of 130 mile an hour winds yeah there’s a lot of rebuilding still happening everywhere including us the other fuel City Fire Department still had tarps on the roof after a year after suffering 1.5 million dollars worth of damage during the storm the roof damage has caused leaking within the fire station it’s been very frustrating over the last two years we’ve been in a building that the roof got demolished during the actual storm you know I said two years ago and the station leaks every time it rains it’s a it’s a mess inside the city has been waiting on FEMA to help pay to get the fire station back in working order it’s been almost two years and no one has seen a dime our city has worked diligently the mayor in the staff at City Hall have worked tirelessly dealing with FEMA dealing with insurance dealing with everybody out there in this disaster relief to try to make this happen and it’s it’s actually starting to come together we’re gonna see some progress very soon even though they’re still waiting for their new fire station they do finally have a new 68 by 45 foot temporary home things are starting to pick up and starting to look good will be this week we’re gonna be cleaning some trucks getting him out of that fire station and start moving some stuff into our new temporary building that was provided by the rebuild Texas foundation so hurricane Harvey happened in 2017 and here we are in 2019 still talking about yeah we’re hoping to see some money to get her building rebuilt

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