Rarities Flame Koa Top Stratocaster I Rarities Collection I Fender

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, this is Josh Smith. In this video we’re checking out
the Fender Rarities Flame Koa Top Stratocaster. So another great addition
of the rarities line. The rarity showcase the best of
everything Fender has to offer. Pickups are either custom made
for each guitar, custom shop pickups, or US pure vintage. They feature really amazing
wood selections and colors and upgraded hardware. And like all the
rarities guitars, they’re made in the
Corona, California factory. All right, what you just
heard was the guitar through a delay, reverb, and
tremolo into a 68 Custom Deluxe reverb. Now let’s hear the guitar
straight into the amp, and see what she’s got. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right, let’s run down
some of the key features. This guitar features a two-piece
ash body with a flame koa top, and a gloss polyurethane finish. The pickups are Tim Shaw
overwhelmed ’59 gold foil single coils, and a Tim Shaw
custom filter’tron style humbucker. This humbucker is a
really great combination of power and articulation. Let me give you a little
more of the humbucker sound. [MUSIC PLAYING] We have a standard Strat
five-way switch with a master volume, tone one
for the neck pickup, tone two for the bridge pickup,
and then your six saddle American vintage
synchronized tremolo. On the neck the guitar has a
quarter sawn European maple, modern C-shape neck. There’s satin urethane
finish on the back and a gloss urethane
finish on the front. All right, let’s
check out some tones with a few different pedals. Going to start with a
little bit of delay. Then I’m going to kick
in some distortion, and then go through all
the pickup positions. [MUSIC PLAYING] Thanks for tuning in to check
out the Fender Rarities Flame Koa Top Stratocaster. Learn more about this guitar
and more at And we’ll see you for more soon. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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