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Punjabi Dhaba in Slovenia – Indian in Europe – Travel Vlog

Sat Sri Akal ! Welcome to another video Today I am in Slovenia and today we are going to make Aloo k Pranthe Nejc is helping me out with the potatoes
Marco is just chilling he’s doing nothing he does nothing all day so like
yeah now we will boil the potatoes I will make the dough they didn’t have a cooker so we will cover it ? something yes I think this would be enough It’s maida and not aata (much finer) But you have to use whatever is avaialble okay so the dough is ready I will try to make something out of it Mummy ! it’s maida ! very sticky very sticky they don’t have Ghee..I will have to use oil potatoes are boiling We cut them into pieces and peeled them Mom: What are you doing son ! okay bye ! as per mom I messed it up I had to boil them first and then peel them bcz now they will have a lot of water and will be loose what she is recommending is that make another dish of potatoes and make simple paranthas lets see i messed it up So I will make another dish with potatoes and onions Lets cut the onion jeera in English (searching on google) cumin seeds now it looks better heat up the oil I have no idea what I will make so the plan is I will make this first and then I will make that Big Plans you know ! Cumin seeds are brown now now we will add onion I have got myself into a lot of mess boiled potatoes do you have turmeric yellow thing its okay if you dont have it Marko shouting : Devang Can I watch TV (bcz I was vlogging) you
can do whatever you want it’s your house it needs more salt if you have not met Marko yet, here he is I have got my apparatus its time to make something all the girls watching this they’ll be like
oh he is the perfect guy he can cook do you mind if the Paranthas are not round Mr Sethi has opened a restaurant today I prepared them in advance you think it’s funny it’s not funny not
funny anymore you know just it just took me one hour what yeah just took me one hour , I started at 7, no I started at 6 now my viewers know how hard it was to
cook Yeah so I am done I made something..I am not sure he is very happy for the meal, looking forward to it can you announce the meal now you all will see their reactions.. uncensored reactions The table has to be set beautifully (indian accent) My audience can consider it racist that you are immitating the indian accent (english accent) Dear God ! Thankyou for the food you gave us only 2 hours and a half..good Cheers ! you can put on the side I think it would not be that spicy as Indian food should be take a bite of it and have it like this you know that he cooked twice first two
years ago when he was here he made umm.. paneer and then this is the second time you didnt put salt ? fake hmmm 😛 I never ate so good Marko would like to say something Thank god we have hello pizza we also have home delivery from an Indian Restaurant – Maharaja I never ate so tasty Indian food that was extra you should get applause for trying I need to publicly say sorry to mom yes sorry mom I
let you down No its really good you will have better once you come to Punjab really yeah so we will record another vlog
when MarKo comes to Punjab and have the original paratha and not this so goodbye
for now so if you want more white chics and white white men dancing to bollywood songs you
can check out this video yeah so that was it for this video in
the next video i will show you why slovenia is my favorite country in the
whole europe so stay tuned subscribe to the channel press the bell icon follow
me on instagram and i will see you in the next video bye


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