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Providence Fire Department Gives Extra Warning

(MW) MIKE, KELLY, CHRISTMAS IS JUST FIVE DAYS AWAY. INVESTIGATORS SAY ONE OF THE BEST GIFTS YOU CAN GIVE YOUR LOVED ONES IS A SMOKE DETECTOR…IF THEY DON’T ALREADY HAVE IT. THEY SAY IT’S YOUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST A FIRE. TWO FIRES AT THE SAME APARTMENT BUILDING IN PROVIDENCE…JUST FIVE DAYS APART. INVESTIGATOR PAUL DOUGHTY SAYS BOTH WERE 2-ALARM FIRES THAT STARTED ACCIDENTALLY IN THE KITCHEN…THOUGH HE DECLINED TO SAY EXACTLY HOW. “The sprinkler systems operated in each fire and held the fire in check until firefighters could arrive on scene, evacuate nearby residents and they went out and extinguished the remaining fire.” NOBODY WAS HURT IN EITHER FIRE AT THE CHARLES PLACE APARTMENTS ON CHARLES STREET. THE FIRST WAS A MINOR FIRE STARTING ON THE SEVENTH FLOOR DECEMBER 13. THE DECEMBER 18th FIRE STARTED ON EIGHTH FLOOR AND WAS MORE SERIOUS. 11 PEOPLE WERE DISPLACED. “This time of year, people have a lot going on. It’s easy to forget something on the stove or misplace or not your cigarette go into the ashtray. We urge everyone to pay extra attention.” DOUGHTY ALSO WANTS YOU TO PAY EXTRA ATTENTION TO ANY SPACE HEATERS AT HOME. “Space heaters are one of the leading causes for winter time fires, as occupants and building occupants try to keep warm through alternative means, either because the heating systems failed or they need additional heating on really cold evenings. / “So they are a problem because they have a, there’s a direct heat source where if you put a towel on it or in some of the older models, if they’re too close or tip over, and contact a combustible object and then we have a fire.” (MW) (MW) DOUGHTY SAYS WITH THE FIRES ON CHARLES STREET, THE BUILDING WAS FULLY EQUIPPED WITH SMOKE DETECTORS…WHICH GAVE RESIDENTS PLENTY OF TIME TO ESCAPE. MADELEINE WRIGHT, EYEWITNESS NEWS. (KS)

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