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Progress in Motion – Fire Station 9 Up & Running

Fire Station 9 is up and running ready
to fight fires and respond to emergencies in northern Frisco. “This is inside of station 9. We moved in about a week ago.” 18 Frisco firefighters now called this home, the city’s newest fire station near Preston Road and Rockhill
Parkway. Firefighters have been busy moving in and setting up plus checking out the new equipment and amenities. “You got your drains in the floor longways where the equipment can be washed while sitting in the fire station.” It also features television screens throughout that will broadcast the address for the latest
call. And massive bi-fold doors that open and close quickly. “One of the new things is our fans on the ceiling in the bay to hopefully keep it cool. In these Texas
summers these bays can get pretty hot so having these big fans we’re hoping will help.” All 3 shifts of firefighters have been moving in all the necessities. “But each pantry comes with a
refrigerator and then shelves for stocking needs.” Typically there are 6 firefighters per shift and each has his or her own bedroom and a locker in the hall. “They don’t wake up the person that’s sleeping, they just come to their individual locker and they can get their stuff out.” Plus one of the bathrooms is a
designated storm shelter. The house also has some unique touches like this fire ladder that will be used to hang pots and pans. And when the firefighters do have a little downtime, they can hang out in what they call a day room. “They don’t get to spend a whole lot of time in here but the time they do we want it to be
relaxed.” The new station is next door to the new public safety training center, which is expected to be up and running the summer. Fire Station 9 and the public
safety training facility were funded by 2015 voter approved bonds.

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