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Prisoners Used As Firefighters

so camden county georgia is having an
issue paying for their public employees so what they are now considering is
hiring prison inmates to do firefighting okay so uh… what they’re basically
gonna do it is have nonviolent offenders who are in jail uh… have the ability
to work as firefighters and they will not get a fourth at all not a single
sense okay however are they not merciful after five years of their conviction
date if they choose to apply to be a firefighter they can do to go ahead and
do that at all i want to thank you so much really appreciate it look uh… news eighteen ever bronze here first of all
firefighters are professionals you have these guys to rush into building school k just
straight out of prison i hope they treat amal little but how much are they going
to train that night and this was a rescue people every day to talk about a bad idea and
whenever there is a listens to all of firefighters by huge install a your job
antibody can do a difference she laughs out of prison and we have them do it for
free and by the way you know uh… that’s a great way to
save money so we’re going to pay you guys anymore okay so so that we don’t
tax and ah… the richard hatcher one percent or two percent bhai you know
what will endanger the lives of other people in the fires the fires might spread to other parts of
the city and it will you know basically tele
firefighters are worthless and got their job right this is really just a thought
on public employees ok add the county is in the cities don’t have the funds
necessary pay-per-click employees cc cuts in public employees jobs for
instance in september alone there were thirty
four thousand public employees positions that were completely cut okay so and by
the way dot firefighters who were interviewed for this story art lou livid about it because they stairs
framework made a conscious decision to entered
this type of field because we want to do good in society okay we now going to have to uh… basically keep an eye on inmates
right that’s basically what they’re gonna do these inmates are gonna have
prison guards with an these firefighters have to supervise them colorado may
focus on their or jobs why are they going to supervise inmates and a half a
trillion mates as well right this is like the guys who get paid it to train
billy guys who read outsourcing jobs to rethink their jobs in other countries it’s it’s a good
unbelievable sight but there’s a reason why they do this right so we’re talking about the alec before
it’s an american legislative exchange council it’s a collection of businesses by nato
right laws like this already encourage government to do these side effects now
one of the largest companies within that is the corrections corporation of
america which is the largest private presence so they set up a win-win for
themselves you may encourage people to be eric get
more prisoners the government’s the center for example the road arizona law i guess immigrants so that
is why they want more process so that you pay more right in prison as many
nonviolent offenders as you possibly can exactly evidently number two is then
turn around use those prisoners in for private companies so for example
they got uh… of chicken that is in one particular
area was put outward made by president being paid twenty cents and
our so that company which is also part of
alec private company goes win for me i don’t have to pay you guys
so you can see the unemployed i i can get around the minimum wage laws i think
what he says that our as a way for me point number three then you go and put
them in public jobs like firefighters et cetera and then you get the rich have to
pay less taxes sosa triple win for the rich and for the
corporations it’s a horrible loss for us and what i can see what’s next yahoo needs teachers let’s just think
you guys out of presence will make them your uh… public school teachers are
really fine using that’s not coming we’ve lost
hundreds of thousands teachers’ jobs across the country for yourself do you
know we just got on the budget ford we have all these phrases or nothin’
they’re paid a gradual gardens before let’s implement an event teach the kids lucky enough to go and it’s a much
better alternative right jet natural dataset and by tightening is crazy what yesterday one of those crazy their
presence putting out fires when they don’t know
that other do it by the way i did more research into this because i was curious
to see if this type of policy would have ever been implemented and it turns out
that in the nineteen forties california started using inmates as firefighters so they were out there putting out
wildfires in such uh… and still till this day there are
four thousand firefighters in the united net in california better inmates and
prison inmates are working as fire fighters of the it isn’t any it isn’t
just happening in georgia is already happening california i can see this
quickly spread all of course but you know that’s what i like does like a
business group their the most effective go state by
state to different legislators and what they do in this is really
interesting is they write the laws for them literally
and they headed to a legislator they go okay here’s a check for expels of dollars
rate that i’m giving his campaign donation and here’s a bill that you’re
going to be introducing congress in europe local legislature or can they do
so another thing they did in georgia was they got people to go work on farms cuz
they scare up interest in georgia then they said oh no problem you’re
paying immigrants uh… the illegal immigration really low wages don’t worry
we’ll bring in prisoners julio fifty the last or not at all and you know what that s that’s literally slave labor they cannot
leave their shackled and they get no petty and they’re out there picking cotton in
georgia what we have we literally have a return
to slavery part of the private corporations system that we have now in
america and private corporations are the problem the fact that they buy our
politicians so they get cheap labor all or free labor that’s basically slave
labor that’s the problem and by the way the final irony of all
this and will be like mother is one other public job that we have not yet
filled with presence eventually the higher the presence of
the cops that would be interesting but that day do you think it’s not coming belt as
long as they have any idea how to make a buck love it if you want to see

  • Step one, make petty things Illegal.
    Step two, make it "too expensive" for companies to hire locally.
    Step three, make inmates do the aforementioned jobs for a pittance of what it's worth.

    Tada. Regular people magically become indentured slaves. And corporations keep the profits. The American Dream.

  • This is what the future gonna be like: the vast majority of the population is going to be in prisons and they will be used to do slave labor and services for, like, 20 cents/hour, while the few elites will be even wealther than ever before.

    Welcome to America.

  • @pyr666 completely agree! people are so ignorant and so eager to jump to the extreme… The inmates are not forced to fight fires… they are not FORCED… which is a very important part of slavery! The media always twist stories into something that its not

  • just a quick info: today, we have the highest amount of slaves, in all times, not even accounting any of these ridiculous "cheap labor" plans.

  • I am a Wildland firefighter. And yes there is a such thing as con crews, that are derived from prisons and the inmates are conviced of non violent crimes. These cons are for wildland firefighting NOT structure firefighting. You have no idea the amount of education it takes to become a structure firefighter. In wildland these cons work on a 20 man hand crew that are lead by multiple crew boss's. Im not saying feel bad for these law breakers, Im saying this video doesnt have their facts straight!

  • This is a Great Idae!! WTF Cenk!?! Obviously the prisoners would need extensive training and when they arrive on the site of a fire they will focus on wild fires or exterior flames, not pulling people out of houses. This is great for the inmates as well so they can get training and repay society (since we are laying off firefighters and police like crazy). When they get out they will have training & will be able to apply. Fuck the corp jails but training is a great idea!

  • Prisoners should not take do jobs that would normally be done for pay in a society. By doing this they are making people unemployed. The higher the unemployment rate the higher the crime rate. Also, note that since these prisoners aren't receiving pay, they aren't spending their money which means the economy is taking an additonal hit. The program is probably costing the state in terms of tax dollars due to unemployment costs and fewer tax revenue. They should cut real waste in government.

  • @jaymeez Seems fine to you but don't forget, many places barred anyone who has a criminal record. So essentially, they are slaves and when they are released from prison, they cannot get a job due to their criminal record. So NO, it is not a great idea. It is a horrible idea. Would you like your job to be replaced by prisoners?

  • @nytehawx It's not a question of replacing jobs, the firefighters are being laid off wheather there are prison worker there or not. Response times here where I live have drastically been increased due to it. I wouldn't call it slave labor if the inmates get to volunteer and only use non violent inmates. It gives them an opportunity to be out of the jail for a few hours and gives them training for when they do return. Your right not all places hire felons but not all prisoners are felons.

  • @jaymeez Don't forget, these places are not hiring felons. Also, a lot of prisoners DO NOT have a choice. Despite that these are prisoners, they do have basic human rights. For example, these people are in prison to pay time for their crimes they commit. So essentially, they should be there confined in the prison walls. Time is what they are paying for, that's it!

    A lot of prisoners are in for the stupidest laws: taking drugs (even though alcohol is completely legal and it is worse than weed)

  • @jaymeez And speaking of firefighters getting laid off, why can't the state and federal governments raise taxes on the rich such that the firefighters won't get laid off. What is so hard doing that?

  • @nytehawx Not all prisoners are felons, lots of people in jail for misdemeanors. Some places DO hire felons as well, not the majority but some do. It's not slavery if the prisoners volunteer.

  • @100101010101010100 yeah man that is slavery huh. Forcing people to work to pay for their room and board; shit my job must be slavery too lol….

  • @nytehawx If that's the case the people running those jails need to be in them. Who the fuck ever thought it would be a good idea to make jails a for profit thing? It should be run by the government, but the republican'ts are hell bent over bleeding every cent out of this country & they do it at the same time saying they are patriotic and love this country but the think America can't get things done right. Fucking Ass Clowns!

  • @bravohotel95 " It could work if they were offered the position after they're released though maybe."

    Do you realize that this is a bit illogical? Cenk stated that they can apply – not that they would get an offer. If the county economizes on employing paid firefighters by using prison labor, why would they need to hire a former prisoner? Also, for the paid jobs that are left would prisoners with experience have preference over non-criminal applicants without? So then only criminals qualify?

  • cenk is right! People buying the gov. with money is the problem! Everyone mentions the corporations without mentioning the true problem. Cenk knows, the problem is that it is LEGAL here for people to buy politicians in the form of campaign "donations". In many other countries it's called CORRUPTION and is ILLEGAL! This system is FUNDAMENTALLY unequal as it privileges the rich. It doesn't matter if the rich come in the form of corporations or something else. 1 person = 1 vote, no money allowed.

  • not only do i have to worry about getting shived now… going to make sure the dont check for fire extension in the master bathroom's medicine cabinet

  • Not slavery, these inmates would give their right arm for a fire fighting or farming job (with no pay)while they are in prison. However, there is a better way. For non violent (soft core)inmates could d work on a prison farm that grows food, raises chickens, hogs, beef to feed prison inmates and share with other prisons. Orange County California has a small farm that is used for jail (not prison), inmates do all the farm work with little supervision, they produce food for themselves.

  • @pwninnoobs1 volunteer or not, a true firefighter will always save a live no matter how much it takes them to do so. I'm not a firefighter but i'm going to join the fdny in the next 6 years. and i would still do the same.

  • Amendment 13 – Slavery Abolished

    1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

    2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

  • I agree with them…..that's the dumbest idea ever! Even dumber than most of the ideas of that sheriff from Arizona

  • Umm, the future of outsourcing. I'm writing this down in my journal!

    "Sorry India, we can use our inmates for cheaper labor."

    Talk about a dumbing down system!

  • It started in the 1940's in California and now it's happening in Georgia so you can see this quickly spreading? Nice, one new state every 70 year's. Also, you don't need a 4 year education to become a firefighter. All of the firefighters in my town are volunteer because we can't afford to pay them. I have 16 year old friends who work with the fire department and they didn't spend years training before they could help out.

  • 1) Pass bills for prisoner slavery.
    2) Arrest everyone that downloads and uploads copyrighted content.
    3) Have unlimited slaves.
    4) ???
    5) Profit?

  • your comment makes you look extremely ignorant…if you know 16 year old's on a fire department, they are NOT firefighters, more than likely they are youth/explorers, in my state(Wisconsin, the same place this "prisoners used as firefighters" is happening, the basic training for firefighter 1 lasted just over 6 months, and then, to get hired as a firefighter, i had to go to college, i currently hold a bachelors degree in the fire protection technician program…and another year for paramedic

  • Everyone is poor where I live, we cannot afford to pay firefighters so we only have a volunteer fire department. None of the volunteers had to get a college education to do work they don't get paid for. My point is anyone can help out. I'm not saying anyone can just walk up and do what professional firefighters can do, but with a short amount of training most people can do what volunteer firefighters do.

  • but it still requires that 6 months of training i went to, that's thee minimum in my state, my state may be strict, but i'm thinking at this point its an NFPA requirement, not just state by state. i started as a volunteer in my small home town, so i know what that's like, we didn't have lots of money but we went through lots and lots of training despite that, and we still do over time, extended training

  • They have been using prisoners to fight California wild fires for decades and nobody ever complained about that because they were saving the rich mans homes for free.

  • I ran an inmate wildland fire crew for three years in Arizona. These two douchebags haven't the first fucking clue what they're talking about. They do get paid albeit a very minimal wage. The inmates do it because it makes their time go by quicker and teaches them to be a part of something positive as well as something they can actually do on the outside. I wear a badge and can honestly say I have put my life in an inmates hands and felt totally secure with that on the fireline.

  • its called paying back society for crimes you have done , and yes all persons in prison should have to work ,, not sit back in ac for nothing

  • skill to run a fire hose .. lmmfao .. 99% of fires dont have people stuck in homes , most people want the fire fighter job because of the good pay and benefits , and lack of need to put out fires on a daily biases , prison work details is not slave labor .

  • Um you guys do know that 90% of Firefighters are Volunteers right? Which mean that they are trained they did not go to college for firefighting.
    Also in California there are prison firefighters.

  • Okay, first off, you are an uneducated citizen. Do you really know what kind of skill it takes to run a handline? Have you ever used one? And where the heck did you get this 99% from? Most people do NOT do it for the pay because the pay is crap. As far as the benefits, I know mine have definitely been cut back. Do you know anything about the fire service? No, obviously you don't. What makes me angry as a career professional firefighter is your lack of knowledge.

  • You have your facts wrong. 71% of firefighters are volunteer in the US. Rural areas occupy approx 90% of the country. That's why there are more vollies than career firefighters. Can't be having inmates fighting real life fires, that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. People need to start thinking with their brains vs. their wallets.

  • A inmate volunteers just like any other volunteer there not forced into it, fire fighters need all the help they need and by having volunteers they save money to buy things they need!
    Your not fighting these fires risking your life so you can not say its the dumbest thing you ever heard.

  • i get the 99% from seing .. and the news ,, if people are stuck in a fire .. im sure it would get press coverage ..running a hand line ? dont you mean holding a fire hose .. or are you referring to the nozzle . and ya .. i have held and used many nozzles .. example .. in a dye house .. on a construction job where fire got out of hand .. ya we put it out before yall got their .. how .. we had our shit ready for just in case .. professional fire fighter .. lmao . hose holder

  • Wow, you really are uneducated, huh? First off go back to elementary school and take a spelling class. Second, stop getting your information from the news. Third, those are not the same hoses and nozzles that we use. And finally, I challenge you to take on a 2 1/2 inch on your own and don't tell me you have because you would be lying.

  • Well actually you are right. I'm not fighting THOSE fires. I'm a career firefighter/paramedic in a different state. More goes into it than just knowing how to put the wet stuff on the red stuff. Car accidents, medical calls, and protecting patient privacy.

  • There not used for things such as that! There used for putting out fires, If you were a real firefighter you would want help and want people in fires to get out and be safe.

  • speelling has nothing to do with experience , and yes the hoses i have used in the past are the exact same as the ones found on trucks , in the dye house ,, we had full pressure .but we would keep it turned down so all it took was 2 peeps to move it around, and on the const, job , well as you should know . if the hydrant aint on full ,, they blow water out the bottom ,,and it took 3 of us to hold it down ,, so yes i do know what the fuck im talking about ,challenge me to do shit you cant do ,lol

  • Whatever dude. I'm sure you know it all, I mean everything. What an asset you would be to any fire dept. You just think you know what you're talking about. I'm guessing that's why you couldn't cut it as a firefighter. Oh and I have used a deuce and a half on my own. It's all technique. Good day to you fire stallion.

  • wow .. you say that like its a big deal .. 24 hrs with no sleep .. while workin to put out a fire .. .. lmmfao .. theirs something keeping you up and busy .. no dinner .. ohh my ,, you never misssed a meal before .. what a fucktard you are .. bitchin about nothing .. do this .. go get a real job ,, that actually requires you to work every fucking day .. then the 24 hr and no dinner shit could be valid .. actually how many days a month are you working ,, not sitting around on call ,,

  • and going to special events .. waiting for something to happin that doesn't more than it does ,, while getting to attend the event not only free ,, but getting paid extra , to say fire fighters dont have a cushy job is just fucktarded , yes when you get a fire ,, you have to work ,, but what you make vs what you actually do ? .. ya its easy money ,

  • Well I started off saying you were uneducated and man was I true! I don't know where you live but here we run EMS calls as well. And I don't mean in the engine, we ride the ambulance, as paramedics. We have 13 nursing homes in my city and a large call volume outside of that. Firefighters don't just respond to house fires. We respond to every fire, wreck, shooting, trauma, medical emergency, ect. Do your homework before you shoot your mouth off about things you don't know.

  • wow .. now you do soo much more than fires .. maybe you should do some home work .. ok you live in a big city .. well maybe you do get to actually work .. but what i see on a daily basses .. is nothing like what you say , the funny thing is at the start you were ranting about . ( fire fighting ) and how hard it was .. now you wanna drag a bunch of shit ,, that im glad they make you do , at least you may actually have to work for your money . , but dont claim all fire fighters have to ..

  • Okay, I hear you. I'm just saying it's not as easy as you claim it to be. You think just because you squirted some water on a fire once that it's easy to do. My point is there is a lot more that goes into it. You're right, all you know is what you see. And they don't make me do anything. Nobody is forced to do anything.

  • lmmfao .. yea rite .. so you dont have to do all the extra shit you claim ,, hmm ,, then its voluntary ,, not your job .. man make up your mind

  • Go get a job man really. I do my job because I love it and I get paid to do it full-time. Sounds to me like you hate your life.

  • and he was arrested for punching a undercover DEA agent for a sale gone wrong. lol, thats deffinately violent.

  • It's actually not an insult. It is encouraging these inmates to help our communities. You should be thankful, They're risking their lives even if they are inmates๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ Smh!!!!!!!

  • I work along inmate firefighters here in Georgia, and I trust these guys with my life. They go through the same rigorous training I had to go through in order to become a firefighter. I am so thankful we are lucky enough to have these guys in our county.

  • A perfect example of 2 moronic dunderheads blabbering out a right load of verbal crap usual standard media shite sturring butt holes who pays these idiots ??

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