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Pride and tradition at Fire Station 164

[Music] – One of the special things about working
here at Fire Station 164 is that it’s kind of like the children’s
book. You have the ladder truck, you have a fire engine, you have a paramedic
squad, the battalion chief. We have poles, two-story fire station so
when the structure tones go out you’ve got guys sliding down poles, you
guys running around throwing turnout coats on. [Fire siren] This station here is in Huntington
Park, the facility we’re in right now was built in 1962, so it’s coming up on about sixty years old this building. And so this is
actually the second fire station on this site so there is a lot of history that
goes back over the years. In the fire service there’s a lot of tradition and
this particular fire station because it’s a big house
it has a lot of history there’s a lot of people that work here that are very
passionate about what they do, they care about the public, they care about their
jobs and their true tradesman sort of speak in our line of work. [Engine noise] – What makes this fire station unique is it’s the card file headquarters. It’s the hub, the
center of activity administratively for a battalion that’s very busy. We have
some of the lowest socio-economic areas here, people with the most need. We’re
very busy here, we get the most fires and we get shootings, stabbings, car accidents,
medical calls. You don’t come to this battalion to be slow, you come to this
battalion to be busy, you come to this battalion to help people. [Music] – This is the big house Hall of Heroes.
When you retire you go uptown and you hang your turnout coat and your helmet
up there. Well, we’ve taken it a step further and we have a small club here of people
who’ve served at the big house and in Battalion 13 starting with Jimmy Howe who
lost his life on a fire on engine nine. All the folks that are on this wall
actually a lot of them worked on that fire to help get him out and
unfortunately he didn’t make it, and we’ll never forget Jimmy Howe nickname
was Taz. And when you go down the line here all these captains, firefighters,
engineers and paramedics just a long line of tradition, and the new
firefighters can draw inspiration by looking at these individuals and knowing
that you’re walking in their footsteps, you’re filling their footsteps. [Music] – What makes Battalion 13 so special is the
pride in tradition. It’s the generations of blood, sweat and tears that went on in
the cities we protect. We have eight stations in Battalion 13. We cover the
cities of unincorporated Watts, Willowbrook, Lynwood, South Gate, Huntington
Park, and where we are today at Fire Station 164. [Music]


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