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Power Rangers Movie – Trini’s Campfire Full Scene | Becky G | Superheroes 2017

I’m the new girl, always. Three schools in three years. Most crazy is, I like it that way, you know, it’s just easier. Nobody ever has to get to know me and my parents don’t have to
worry about my relationships. [Zack] Boyfriend troubles? Yeah. Boyfriend troubles. Girlfriend troubles? My family is so normal, too normal. They believe in labels,
they’d like for me to dress differently, talk more, have the kind of friends
they want me to have. Just, I don’t know how to tell them what’s really going on with me. I’ve never said any of this out loud. Oh, that’s cool. You’re with us now. Am I? What does that mean? When all this is over. Are we Power Rangers or… Are we friends?

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  • People who have a problem with this scene need to grow up 😑 as a straight guy this scene is amazing I had friends who went through the same thing Trini went through I support you guys 🏳️‍🌈😊

  • Trying to force this on children I see. Not cool, but Hollywood is corrupt so I can't say I'm surprised. There was no reason for this to be in the film. Gay propaganda at it's finest.

  • Sorry, but I want more. I don't mind if Trini is gay but the scene doesn't do much. I hope there's a sequel that will expand on Trini's sexuality more because it was just out of nowhere.

  • I wonder if Tommy will be transgender in the sequel and date Trini, who wouldn't want to see that? It's very normal and nothing is wrong with it. Please buy the DVD / BluRay and make the sequel happen! I WANT MORE!

  • Lets all and everyone come by the campfire and sing that campfire song it goes like C.A.M.P.F.I.R.E Patrick Patrick!!!!.. HAHAHA Thats what literally came to my mind title of this vid lol wow.

  • 😭😭😭😭I'm sorry, I can't help but cry at this scene! Becky G playing Trini is amazing! The entire cast is amazing! It's the best movie of all time! This cast was acted out so well!😀

  • I'm pretty sure there's a scene that was cut that explains trini a little more in the trailer there's a part where she's being teased and has something mean written on her locker but I didn't see it in the movie I thought only Warner Bros. made pointless cuts to the movies

  • Love how they made all the rangers relatable, but why are they only focusing on this moment? What about Billy having autism?

  • I don't care what anybody has to say there was no need in making her character "gay" in any way. It sever no purpose in the movie what so ever other than to cater to the "gay" community.

  • Even though I unfortunately knew about this before watch it in the theater, I really loved how Trini explained her situation.

    I hope in the sequel, we get an expansion of it.

    I know there will be clowns and triggered folk that will not like this, but since I am a supporter of equal rights, I love it.

    Was it needed? No. But, it worked and I don't mind it.

  • the only reason they made her gay was not to please the gay community, but to actually make them relatable to teens today,
    bullying, class jock, gay, having autism, with my kid having autism it makes me happy that they represented it well in this movie. and please no to a transgender Tommy I support gay's and lesbians but why change the sexuality of a character in the film, from what i heard the director mentioned triny being gay to an homage to the original Billy who is gay in real life.

  • when Zack ass Trini does she have boyfriend troubles then he corrects himself his girlfriend troubles he just come out and say yes but she tells how normal her family is how they want her the label herself the dress different to talk more to have friends they want her to have all this implies that she is gay without saying it I think this scene shows how remarkable our society has come when they use a teenage bass series fighting evil alien monsters that was so hokey and campy in the original American version it was light-hearted it didn't have any drama real drama now Trina does not come out and says she's a lesbian but it implies fault sane and I like that because it doesn't want to take away from the scene it just wants to add a little bit to it whoever wrote this scene I commend them

  • i really don't see how she's gay, maybe she hinted at but she never said. plus she's down with zack, anyone can see that.

  • i'm ok with a scene about sexual orientation but i just wish it mattered to the plot like it did with game of thrones

  • I loved the movie because the teens were not goodie two shoes. They all had problems and struggles. And yet they were still chosen. It was just awesome!

  • I'm not sure that Trina's a lesbian at all. From what I could see, she was actually more likely her sexual orientation. It's a phase that all teens go through and most remain straight. Even I went through the same thing and I remained heterosexual. This is pure speculation on my part, but I'm simply applying what I've researched on the American College of Pediatrics.

  • To be honest…
    This whole scene is perfect.
    It sets up the rangers as a real bunch of teens with attitude because they each legitimately have problems. But they bond through this. God, this movie is honestly perfect to me as a fan of the originals.

  • why are you guys always complaining about it being a "gay agenda". You do realize that lgbt people exist in real life right? There's hardly any lgbt character in the media. This scene is great because people who actually have the same struggle can relate to her. Plus it solidifies their friendship. Stop being such homophobe who cant even handle their existence as fictional characters

  • Such a tonally inconsistent film. I do love the very human stories of the characters and the action set-pieces but they just do not blend together well at all. I know some said Spider-Man: Homecoming has these elements but in a self-aware, fun vibe.

  • This scene meant the world to me as I struggled with my sexuality all throughout High School. Finding out David Yost was gay and then having this scene with the character of Trini being a lesbian made me very emotional and I actually cried at in the theater to this scene.

  • Well she never said she didn't like guys. I still believe that she and Zack will end up together. Worst case scenario they just make her bisexual but her end up with him. Besides the Trine and Zack (Track) relationship is already going on in the comics. We have the writers of MMPR Pink Issue 5 to thank for opening the door to that wonderful possibility. Hopefully history will repeat itself in the movies.

  • Well she never said she didn't like guys. I still believe that she and Zack will end up together. Worst case scenario they just make her bisexual but her end up with him. Besides the Trini and Zack (Track) relationship is already going on in the comics. We have the writers of MMPR Pink Issue 5 to thank for opening the door to that wonderful possibility. Hopefully history will repeat itself in the movies.

  • People who have a problem with Trini being gay can go and live their little pathetic homophobic lives. They want to show young teens who might be questioning their sexuality that it's possible to be gay and be a superhero AND still be happy. If you have a problem with that then you are corrupting the kids not the character they love and identify with.

  • People that say she acted bad, she just a teenager who don't give a shit , there is people like that in real life and this scene show her like that.

  • This was my favorite scene from the entire movie! And of course we have the crybabies crying about a character being gay on the big scene. Get over it.😂🙄

  • I love this movie. it gives us an outlook on the rangers in a unique way compared to that of the tv show.

  • I loved the classic Power Rangers, but as the years went by I began to realize that they were a bit too…generic as opposed to real teenagers with attitude. These guys have actual problems that make them troubled yet still strong enough to be chosen.

  • I always thought the Yellow Ranger was the most boring Ranger. Having her gay breathed life into her. I absolutely love that it's not "I'm gay" it more of "by the way I'm gay".
    It's not her character, but it's part of her.

  • Yeah, because this is what people wanted in a Power Rangers film, teenage drama and fake tears… no wonder it flopped.

  • The power ranger were never about the teens it was about them being rangers, the monsters, the mythology, martial arts… Thats why this movie bombed

  • The bible says homosexuality is a sin! Jesus loves everyone get right with him the media wants to throw this down people's throats and make them think it's ok when its not i love everyone and i can judge no man or woman im not the person to decide that the lord god is and in his word its says no man shall sleep with man and no woman shall sleep with woman it is a abomination and this is what we want our kids to believe? Satan is working so hard and the media is brain washing the youth and everyone to make it seem like it is ok and not a sin! Leviticus 18:22 King James Version (KJV)

    22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

    God bless America god bless the people i love yall please get right with the Lord god bless!

  • Are we going to get a sequel and get some new rangers and one will end up being trinis girlfriend….even the its 2018 but whatever

  • Introduce a queer character very slow and steady.

    Get em’ up and ready that’s laughable, enjoyable, noticeable.

    Just don’t shove it in front of the audience too quickly. ‘Cause then you’ll get people who aren’t just ready for that moment yet.

    I believe that it’ll come to the point where it’s just most audience will be like, “yay. There together.” Just no surprises or anything because the audience think it’s normal from the very start.

  • This is an embarrassment to the yellow ranger. They should have rename her and made a new character. They disrespected the yellow and black ranger. Im glad it flop and getting rebooted.

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