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Police: Youngstown firefighter shot

Tuesday, December 6th. And I’m Lauren Wood. Rich Morgan is tracking rain this morning — and he’ll pinpoint when we’ll see those showers hour-by-hour NEXT.. But first we’re following BREAKING NEWS. A Youngstown firefighter shot on the job overnight. Take a look at this map: Fire crews were leaving a house fire on Elm Street.. When bullets hit the side of the truck on Halleck Street. The firefighter is still in the hospital this morning. First News Weekend Morning anchor Abbie Schrader has been following this story all night. She’s live outside of St. E’s in Youngstown with BRAND NEW INFROMATION — and an update on the firefighter’s condition, Abbie? We’re here at St. E’s right now where a Youngstown fire fighter is recovering after he was SHOT last night while they were clearing the scene of a house fire. Here’s what we know so far… It all started a little before 9 o’clock last night. Youngstown fire crews were called out to to a fire at a home on Elm Street. After they were finished… Around 11:30… The truck was heading down Halleck Street when bullets came through the side of the truck. One firefighter was hit in the right leg. He was immediately taken to St. E’s. Youngstown POLICE immediately started looking for a suspect on Launderdale Avenue. Boardman PD also got involved in the search. Canines were brought in and police even stopped a car they thought might have been involved. But as of right now… Still no one in custody. First News spoke with Fire Chief John O’Neill at the hospital… And he says he’s not so sure this was a random shooting. “I DON’T THINK THEY WERE STRAY BULLETS… THERE WERE A FEW SHOTS TAKEN AND WE HAVE AT LEAST TWO BULLET HOLES IN THE TRUCK, SO I DON’T THINK IT WAS RANDOM.” Chief O’neill did tell us that the firefighter is going to be okay. He and another firefighter that were in the truck are just very shaken up right now. Again… Still no suspect in custody as of right now. But YPD said they would be accompanying the fire department on anymore calls throughout the night. We will continue to see what other information we can get on this and keep you up to date with any new developments. In YO AS 27 FNTM. WE SAID A FEW MINUTES AGO —


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