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Overdose victims being left at Detroit fire stations

Detroit firefighters say it’s happening almost every night and it’s becoming too much people dumping off a person overdosing on drugs right in front of their fire houses Sean Li live with the very strong message that is being sent out that they want everyone to really listen to this is a big issue Sean it’s becoming a big issue caring good evening to you the firefighters I’ve been speaking with for about a week on this tell me this is indeed happening almost every night almost every night and they say it’s beginning to take an emotional toll it happened to daybreak Sunday morning at this Detroit firehouse on 7 mile and John are someone overdosed on drugs that person’s friends dumped his body at the fire stations parking lot and simply drove off leaving firefighters to deal with the situation one firefighter posting to Facebook quote this was the scene this morning when I arrived at work every few days someone drops off an overdose victim in front of our firehouse unfortunately this time this person didn’t make it but it does happen quite often you don’t know what time of the day or night or morning these things are gonna happen the actions of others have placed Detroit firefighters now on the front lines of fighting the opioid epidemic having to rush to people dumped off to try to save them many firefighters tell us it’s draining them emotionally the firefighters and medics do have narcan to try to save the person overdosing but is there anything to help the firefighters and medics dealing with the emotional toll it wears on the first responders um you know you pull up to work it’s 6:30 quarter 7:00 in the morning and that’s what you see your day begins back here live the firefighters union says they continue to ask leaders on the local state and even federal level for grant money for post-traumatic stress training and kind of counseling for their members Karen who have to deal with this knowing that there are parents involved and family involved with these overdose victims back to you Rhonda most of these cases result in death actually the firefighters would say most result in survival that they save more people that are dropped off at their fire houses instead of them passing away still emotional and raining though at the same time alright thank you very much Sean

  • Awww hell!!! If they that damn sensitive, they need to get out of public service. So extra!! Sooo ptsd over a few ppl overdosing recently, huh?!?! BUT, not over pulling ppl out of burning houses, little babies burnt to death, pregnant mother????…none of that?!?!?! Wow!! It's time to switch it up gang.

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