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Our firefighting heroes show us what it takes to save lives

[Nathan Petersen]
Because we’re serving
the public, it’s important to understand your equipment – understand how to operate
it properly, how to service it properly. And then, also, we don’t want the equipment
failing on us while we are working. This locker compartment, which comprises of
65m hoses, these are mainly used for our supply line, because they can transport large quantities
of water. Over here we have the pump compartment, this is
the main water delivery system for the vehicle. As you can see here we have our many outlets
and inlets, should we have to suck or drain water from an external source. Here we’ve got what’s commonly known as the
jaws of life, which comprises of a spreader, a cutter and rams. When we’re at an incident, or a motor vehicle
accident, we’ll use this to either clamp or spread open a part of a vehicle that we’re
trying to gain access to. Inside the apparatus we have our BA, which
we’ll commonly fit through the BA, it comprises of the back plate, and then the BA cylinder. Basically what we’ll do is when we go into
a fire; this is what the firefighters will use to breathe properly in the smoky conditions. Here we have a TIC, or otherwise known as
a thermal imaging camera. We’ll use this when we go into a building,
or wherever, where the lighting is very poor. This will show the difference in heat temperatures. So it will help us locate a victim that might
be trapped that we cannot see. Over here we have a halligan tool, this is
used for various forcible entry applications, whether it be to break a window, or break
open a door. Whatever we need to gain forcible entry, we
can use this. And lastly, we have a BA tally board. This is used by the BA control officer, when
we have a large-scale scene and more than one, or more than five or so firefighters,
need to enter the building. This is used to keep track of all their air
pressures, so that we can know how long they can work. Basically that’s the walk through of the
equipment on our fire apparatus. It is important to know your equipment and
to know how to use it, so that it cannot harm you, and that you can use it safely to serve
the public.

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