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OtterBox Case Study Firefighters

Smartphones have become a real integral part of our culture in the fire department. Between those and iPads, or tablets, we have all of our maps loaded to them. Right when the tones go off us firefighters that sit backwards we’ll use the phone and get on our maps and use our GPS. It helps me with my work here at Windsor Fire, with Hazmat apps, with location GPS, numerous things I can access at my fingertip. The amount of equipment that we carry in our vehicles and the command cars has reduces significantly because of smartphones, because everything is available at your fingertips through the internet. I’ve used the OtterBox for, jeez, probably about 3 years now I’ve had them. I usually go wight the Defender case, just because with our job we’re, not rough on our phones but we have the ability. We have them with us at all times. So we could be out when it’s raining or snowing, it could be 110 degrees out, and we have our smartphones with us. Obviously a fire scene can be kind of chaotic, so they get dropped a lot. I’ve actually dropped my current device with an OtterBox on, onboard, actually from the top of a rig just like this, and long way down, didn’t break the phone. The case was a little damaged, and I made due until I got another one, but it saved the phone. It’s, it’s awesome. I mean I’m pretty rough on my phones. I paid a lot of money for it so it’s nice to know it’s not going to break when I inevitably drop it. I, I would recommend OtterBox to whoever has a smartphone or any other type of device that needs protection. Simply put, the reliability they have you can’t go wrong with them. My family uses them, all my guys on my shift use them, we can’t complain at all. They’ve been great.


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