‘On My Block’ Cast Answer Your Burning Season 2 Questions | MTV News

– [Interviewer] How many different ways can you guys say money? – Money.
– Moola. – Dinero.
– Dinero. – Moola.
– Money, moola. – Smoola, simoleon. Dollar dollar bills, y’all. – [Sierra] That was your
thing in season two. – Feta. – As long as the check cashes,
– Gruyere. – Right. – you can call money
whatever you wanna call it. – Pesos, euros.
– Pesos. – Pesos, yen, paper.
– Yen. – Okay.
– Paper, paper. – [Jessica] So, basically– – Y’all good? Y’all good? – Basically, the cast of ‘On My Block’ can say money 15 different ways. – It’s a new year. – Finally, we can get back to normal. – Big feelings, they’re good. That’s the gift of youth. – That’s it, everybody get in here. – Yeah, everybody get in here. Monsé’s pissed. – I’m on a break, Ronald. – There are no breaks when
there are teenage boys trying to stick it in. – We had one day of practice
with the choreographer. One day, we had one day and a half. And the morning of the day of filming. – You guys did an amazing job, though. – Yeah, you really did.
– Yeah, it was so dope. – We have to give it up to the editors. – They made them do it so many times, too. – No, we have to give it up
to the choreographer cause– – [Jessica] The choreographer and editors because, honestly, I almost
passed out like 27 times. – [Brett] She’s lying. – [Jessica] My face was white as a ghost. – [Brett] She’s lying. – I had people after cut
were like ice packs and fans cause I looked a mess. – [Brett] This is all
false, she was a pro. – It was really hot in
there, it was really hot. – You did amazing.
– She was a pro. – She did an amazing job, though. – I was like, they got
Bruno and Cardi for the uhh? – Really. – I only said that cause
I wanted compliments. – Mine.
– What do you mean? – Brett’s baby, oh yeah Jamal’s baby. – That would have been a fun twist. – That would have been great. – Jamal been slinging on the low. – Right. – The funny thing about that baby, do you remember when we shot that? We tried to mess with our director, Ryan, and we put a picture of
him over the baby’s face. – [Sierra] Oh, my goodness, yes. – But during one take, we were just like, and we turned and it was just
him and he didn’t get it. And he was not amused. – Yeah. – He was like, “What is happening? “We did not talk about this.” – Yeah.
– “Oh, wait, it’s me.” – Jamal, think about it.
– We actually have a new– – Think about it, just think about it. They got his money took again. Taken is the participle. – We have this hopeful
theory that it’s abuelita. – Yeah, that would be amazing. – Why would you say that? Because now they’re gonna
come back season three and show abuelita and they done seen it. Cut that out. – That was Brett’s bright idea. – I said it’s a theory, I can theorize. – It was Brett’s bright idea. – She’s definitely had ties with the gang. – We thought that was a driving pitch. – I don’t think any of them turn good. – It’s in the show. It’s happening season three. – [Diego] You’re gonna
see it season three. It’s gonna be even more
fire than season two. – [Jason] I hope it’s abuelita. – [Jessica] I feel like I’m doing– She had so many connections
with the receipts and the money and she knew them.
– She knew lot of people. – [Brett] I low key want it
to be Rose from episode four. She has a past that, low key,
no one knows about, I think. – [Jason] Yeah. – She said, “I used to be
what you call a sure thing.” – Sure thing. (laughing) – [Brett] What are you doing at Pimp Lane? – Oh wow, yeah, for sure. And she put me on a break. – I put you on a break? – She definitely did. – Okay, ‘Friends.’ – Otherwise, Cesar wouldn’t
have done what he did. – We should go.
– We should go. We should go let them hash this out. – In season two, you’ll
see why we were on a break. – (coughing) Paula. – They already did. – Because she left him. – Oh, damn. – After he cheated. – No, you left him for your mom. And then he was like,
“Well, she’s dodging me, “she’s ghosting me,” you know what I mean? – This is a Rachael-Ross situation and I don’t know how to feel. – No, I was about to say, semantics. – Hey, in real life, I
would never have done that but I see where my 14-year
old boy’s coming from. – [Jason] Fight, fight, fight.
– [Brett] Right. – He’s got a lot of hormones in him. – Cesar and Monsé are good friends now (laughing) – Probably not. – How’s Sierra and Diego doing? – The jury is still out on that one. – Actually, we’re better
than Monsé and Cesar. That’s a whole other, that’s a lot. – [Jason] Yeah, true. – They have a lot going on.

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