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NYC Firefighter Preparing For End Of The World

JASON CHARLES: If it’s a couple of nuclear
bombs go off in this country, who are you going to rely on? People think that the country
could save you no matter what happens. You don’t want to be relying on the government.
This is what this is about. JASON CHARLES: My name is Jason Charles. I
am 40 years old. I am a firefighter in New York City. JASON CHARLES: I am the organiser of NYC Preppers
Network. I am also a prepper myself. I have been prepping for seven years now. INTERVIEWER: If you were to put it
simply, what are you prepping for? JASON CHARLES: I am prepping for everything,
right. So it’s not one thing anymore: financial crisis, hurricane, tornadoes, bad winter storms,
you know. So these are the things that we get struck with all the time. The alien invasion
is going to take us out? No! You know, Zombies are going to rise up out of the ground? No!
That’s… you know that’s fantasy. That’s (censored) people want to happen. Is a nuclear
bomb is going to go off in one of the cities? More likely! That’s how you navigate. You
try to stay within the realm of reality. Most likely scenario would probably be like a pandemic,
complete collapse of civilisation. Cold War was the reason why people started prepping.
‘What if they drop a bomb? What if they do this? You know, what if they cut off our food supply?’ That sort of prepping. It became an American thing. So this closet right here is what I refer to jokingly as the, ‘end of the world closet’. Jokingly. JASON CHARLES: We have vitamins and some medical
supplies here, little hatchet here, have a two-way radio here. INTERVIEWER: What is the most important thing in here? JASON CHARLES: Water. Everything else is just,
you know, I mean food is important. There are MREs in the back. INTERVIEWER: MREs? JASON CHARLES: Yeah, meals ready to eat, right.
So we have freeze-dried food up here, we have beans, we have rice, we have a lot of that
the food will last us probably nine months. Well, other than that the Christmas stuff
that is not preppers stuff. It’s just somewhere to store it. JASON CHARLES: I got there before the towers
collapsed. Getting down there, thinking that I was going to help out, it didn’t turn
out that way, right because then the buildings came down and it all went to (censored). JASON CHARLES: When it all went down, you
were just, you were focused on your job, to help people and see what needed to be done
and where you could be of most use. JASON CHARLES: I was standing in front of
the tower one and tower two went down. Being where I was, I was a 100% sure I was dead
and then the building just came straight down instead of leaning over. Had the building
tilted over, I would have been toast. Everybody there would have been toast. Right before
I took off running, I watched five guys die. JASON CHARLES: And then I remember that breaking
my trance and then I took off and ran. JASON CHARLES: All the supplies and equipment
I bought over the years, I think I have spent probably over ten grand. The bug out bag or
bail out kit, whatever, like, many names for it, started in the military with fighter pilots.
If the plane was still intact or the helicopter was still intact, they had a compartment
where they had this like emergency gear. JASON CHARLES: The main is the food, that’s
freeze-dried, tuna and here is the most important thing you need to have – a first aid kit, right,
multi-tool knives, two of them. This is a carpenter’s axe and it’s sharp, it’s
also light, it’s almost tad bigger than the hatchet but too small to be a full-sized
axe and my son would carry this just because he could. Not saying he would use it because
he can’t swing it yet. I don’t think he can. INTERVIEWER: How old is your son? JASON CHARLES: He is 9. JASON CHARLES: I do have specific bug out
plans for specific bug out scenarios. Nuclear warhead goes off, we stay in the home to see
where the fall out goes and if the EMP goes off, we strap on our hiking shoes and we start
walking out of here. JASON CHARLES: The NYC Preppers are a network group. It is a meet up group where preppers talk about different things. JASON CHARLES: Like how to build a bug out
bag; how to make laundry detergent; how to make deodorant, toothpaste; natural things
like that. How to read maps? How to read compasses? Anything prepping touches, we touch on. JASON CHARLES: Today we are going to have
a bunch of events. So we are going to do a fire safety, knife safety, how to organize
your bug out bags, stew making. MARLON SMITH: My name is Marlon. I have been
prepping probably for about 15 years. You go to Manhattan and New York, there is eight
million – where do you put eight million people in a disaster? So you have to sort of fend
for yourself and to fend for yourself you have got to learn these things. 9/11
taught us that, Hurricane Katrina taught us that. There is no cavalry coming. MARLON SMITH: I run a women’s fashion company.
That and this don’t rhyme at all but that’s what I do. So you have to have that bounce
in your life and a lot of people don’t see prepping as that, they see prepping as you
know, people who are nuts . JASON SANBORN: People have gotten a little
lax, a little lazy when it comes to their own survival. They do depend on other people,
government, the police, this and that to be their constant protectors. But when it comes down
to it, you are your own guardian, your own survivor, your family’s protector. ARIADNA PHILLIPS-SANTOS: I was at the Barcelona
attacks. I have, you know I have been like witnessed to some of the things that have
happened in New York city and elsewhere. Earthquakes in Mexico like, and I think that when you
live those things you start thinking to yourself I have already experienced this. JASON SANBORN: Makes it real. ARIADNA PHILLIPS-SANTOS: Right, it makes it
very real. JASON CHARLES: Carbon is good. Where they are
made is even better. So this is a Swedish knife, right? This is a very good knife. Always
short strokes and controlled strokes. Femoral artery is here. That takes you seconds to
bleed out before you’re dead. Even at home, even if there is nobody home but you put it
back in the sheath. JASON CHARLES: People who don’t prep, they’re
naive. They just think that help is always going to be there. Sucks to be you if you
think like that, Should something happen, I am ready to rock and roll, whether it’s
to stay here or leave, it’s like having insurance. You buy insurance for a lot of
(censored word) you don’t use it half the time. You know, we still have, just in case
you drop your camera, you drop your phone in the toilet, right? It might not never happen,
but you still have insurance on it. In society, it’s definitely getting worse with, if you
look at history. You look at all the wars we have been in as humans; it has never really
been a stable place or anything. I hate the city you know, I mean it’s not, umm… this
living on top of each other and when I go up my house, my neighbours are right next
to me you know, and the city it sucks, it’s crowded. JASON CHARLES: It’s enough you know, it’s
just too many hipsters, its liberals. I want to go somewhere where those people are scared
of the outdoors. That’s where I want to live. I mean, actually it would be nice to
just be completely reliant on your own. I mean the downside of living off the grid is
you’re by yourself and I think that people need one another to survive.

  • Prepping is not paranoia, it's about dealing with any emergency, natural, civil or other. Be prepared, be ready, up your chances. God bless all, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

  • Saw this guy on Doomsday Preppers way back when. If my memory serves me correct he was preparing for a volcanic eruption. The thing I remember most was the cheap shopping mall katanas and fantasy knives. He was gonna use these for self defense. Those katanas would most likely break on impact and probably wouldn't cut hot butter. Even if he had battle ready swords he would have to be able to wield them which requires real skill. I think he planned to use those instead of guns because of NY's strict gun laws. It was just very hard to take him serious after that. Hope he has wised up since then.

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  • Pretty good little mini doco on why people prep and bringing it down to reality a little. Prepping is just life insurance…. for when there isnt a government around to help, be it for a natural disaster or worse.

  • Wer can i join im ready also people need to wak up its already to late but whn the end comes then the fallout well be real…

  • Remember God does not save our bodies he saves our souls. Its our job to save ourselves and each other that's why he gave us brains and thumbs lol so start prepping and save yourself. And start praying for God to save your soul if you do end up dieing.because God cares less about our bodies it his job to save our souls or to use them to keep his fire pit and house warm lol we won't know till we're dead or aliens tell us lol.

  • 2:00 I love how he calls it the end of the world closet and then as soon as he opens it there's a rope. It makes it look like his first plan is to hang himself.

  • Jesus Christ is coming soon be prepared with the Lord Jesus Christ Amen, and you and your family will be ready for born again with Jesus Christ Amen.

  • We see signs right now. President shut down the government & they don't get paid anything. If he'll shut down government the citizens don't matter. Anything can happen at any given time. Government don't care about the citizens. They've said it in a subliminal way. They said If disaster strikes the government has enough medicines hidden inside of Fort Knox to only cover most of themselves. Keep in mind Fort Knox is guarded by the military. Citizens have to be ready to fend for themselves if or when a system collapse happens.

  • You can have the best equipment ever but you'll never be ready until you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior: Repent and come back to the gospel of Jesus Christ, the true one, because here it is: his return is imminent, he comes to take his HOLY Church . We must stop the gospel of prosperity, of the flesh which is that of the devil. Walk in holiness because without it: no one will see the Lord [Hebrews 12:14]. Put the Word of God into practice, worship Him in the Spirit and in truth. Begins to respect the holiness of Jesus Christ who is God: we do not make fun of Him, we do not abuse his Grace. Repent, repent! He did not die at The Cross for us to sin again, but to deliver us from death, which is the wages of sin [Romans 6]. Stop fornication (relationship out of wedlock, girlfriend etc.) and abominable practices (masturabation, pornography etc.) Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit: we must respect it because God is HOLY [2 Corinthians 6]. Stop fake hair, coloring, makeup, miniskirts, jeans bottom buttocks, jewelry, piercing, tattoo etc [1 Timothy 2:9]. God created us in his image: do not insult his perfect creation by modifying it: walking in falsehood, indeed the father of falsehood and lies is satan. Repent! Purify yourself! Purify your heart from all hatred, jealousy, pride, spite, greed, idolatry: no idolater will see the kingdom of God. Idolatry is when we pass something or someone before God, who must be number 1 in our daily lives. The baptism of immersion of water is to give our life to Jesus Christ: it is not we who live but Jesus Christ. It is time to stop the lie and to hold the Truth of God captive.

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  • Believe in God the Father and God the Mother and keep all Gods commandments. Sabbath is Gods Holy day and keep the Passover .

  • Yes i also believe in end of the world prepping but you don't show it on youtube. Now everyone knows about it. Someone could and still all your stuff. You need weapons espically a few guns and several thousand rounds of ammos. Remember you can't buy bump stalks anymore because of stupid cuomo ban. You can't even defend yourself with medieval weapons. You need guns.

  • This is a reality, Govt can not bail you out. It’s everyone for themselves and survival instincts in the end. The smart and prepared survive.

  • Glad i know how to can my food and to hunt, we taught all our kids how to live off the land,we been doing that all my boys stayed out in the woods for 2weeks when they where barely teens and they fished, hunted made shelters all alone and did fine. So they are ready to be able to make it if it comes down to it.

  • This black man is an example as to why whites should not see all blacks as the enemy. This man is an Allie to whites and blacks. We have to come together when the big one hits.

  • I need help im new just learning could use the help of having people i have noone but my mom so she cant take care of herself shes new too just wanna link uop with other people

  • “Too many hipsters, too many liberals” that’s more excited. What? Only conservatives doomsday prep? only the right wing can appreciate outdoor living?

  • The Only thing that can bring US down is a Núclear Bombardment from Rússia bar none. Hence the Very First step is stay at leastt some 100miles from major cities because they would be hit 100%

  • As a typical new yorker all he had to defend himself are his muscles, a katana and some knives. Good luck is what he needs, easy prey even for a woman or a weak teenager if they have firearms. Hand to hand I would avoid any fight with him, that's for sure. I am from Europe and although we also have restricted laws I have some guns as a hunter.

  • HOW MOST PREPPERS WILL FAIL…they now have DEW (Directed Energy
    Weapons) look at the effects of Paradise, California. Your homes will
    not save you with these satellite laser weapons. They have ways of
    burning you out and there goes your stock pile of food, weapons and
    other prepper tools. Do you honestly think you can stay in your home or
    property? Get real and get informed, you will have to live like a
    nomad. They will also be using drones, the grid will go down, lab
    created contagious diseases and you and your family will not survive any
    longer than I will, who is not a prepper. Good luck.

  • All Well & Good >>>BUT<<< How R U Going 2 Get It Out Of The City???
    Get It Into A Bunker In The Hills >>>NOW<<< !!!

  • he should start by hitting the gym and his running shoes and lose all that extra weight first in an apocalypse only stamina and endurance matters extra weight is a liabilty that will waste your provisions as you will consume more and when you look for food you have to look for more plus you will be beasted by leaner more agile men you will face the same fate as the neanderthals faced when met with our ancestors arrows and spears

  • Question: I am a prepper, determined to survive. But I have children and grandchildren who have begun to realize that they need to do something to prepare.

    I have prepared for them to bug in, and also to bug out. If they have to bug out, I don’t think I can make it, and I would slow them down and lessen their chances.

    Isn’t it right to give them all I can, and insist that they go on without me?

    I have tried to prepare them for this, but they don’t want to talk about it.

  • Hi Jason,
    I'm a native New Yorker and have been prepping for many years. Raised our children in Woodhaven, moved upstate
    and now retired in N. Ga. I always worried about being able to get the family out of the city. Sounds as though you have a good plan. Blessings!

  • Love this but he needs to leave NYC and get somewhere out in the deep woods come to WI .. you could go deep into our upper wi woods and never be found!

  • I probably spend much more time than him in the outdoors and I'am liberal and leftist :O Thats got to be scary for him.

  • real preppers would leave New york the worst place u can be. u people will not last 10 tens when the globle collapse comes . knives really? my guns beats ur knives any day now i have all ur stuff . ur really going to hike out of new york to the woods with the looting going on? then once in the woods how long are u they ? years ? because i know u can only carry 2 weeks of food max with other gear and ur bags will be over 50 pounds . I tryed it with the guys

  • I'm thinking that where I live, I would be fine.. I can hunt, trap, and know how to garden and find edible forestry.. I live by several bodies of fresh water that can be boiled.. I feel I would only need weapons, first aid, and storage for food and water..

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