NYC Fire Department Racist?

is the new york fire department racist
out there facing a discredited they’re facing a federal discrimination trial
because i’m black firefighters are allegedly at discriminated against and
treated horribly within the fire department so um… there are several
things that uh… black firefighters are alleging another which can be true because i
watch rescue me and and rescue me they got white and black and latino firemen in new york
so and they get along great final a on ninety percent of the new
york fire department is white just amazing ok nine ostracism makes
explain what the real promises a but is some important details in a lawsuit so there are alleging that uh… black firefighters are referred to as
the n_ word okay regularly also humble usually when
it comes to deciding who will do the menial tasks they ask who wants to be the and work
for tonight right because if you knew menial tax
that’s where you are at the invades will call that person that word even if they’re white or whatever they
might be in addition the guest list which
featured a black former new york mayor david dinkins had been defaced to
include rap stars right then and then uh… a number of
other things have been the face of obvious racial overtones in summerside
overtones flat-out racist by n_-word etcetera and mister black firefighter uh… who
was tired of it and and he eventually brought us forward i one of the sea also
complain about his when he became lieutenant but he became a ten at the
same time is up but his own a white firefighter and the palace will start as
an acting lieutenant immediately there at the white firefighter do that but not
him analyst goes on in ob gyn than out he says he’s bring this forward uh… people are really happy with him
to begin with that said the combined into this toxic brew of not good feelings that the
fire department adhere et cetera but does anybody really think he’s making it
out now i think you can make the case that
hey maybe that’s his experience but is on the experience of all blacks in the
new york fire department and certainly not what all-white fire
white firefighters to new york by prolonged shot right i think he genuinely experience those
things that he said serious in genuine problem and this sort
of dismissing addition address it right and dressing at their friend you know
they’re facing a federal lawsuit and you know we’ll see what happens and what the
outcome will be about but i think it is an important thing to investigate and again it’s another one of those
issues where the population the united states things
that we don’t have a race problem at all when we do we do have a uh… situations
where racism does occur and on situations need to be investigated not
brushed off as if racism is not a problem in the country donnie moore and
let me explained as to why there might be this inherent conflict first place because mcveigh african-americans make about twenty five
percent believe the new york city latinos are near that percentage and
they make it but i a percentage of the firefighting forces anderson ninety
percent are white now why does that system perpetuate itself was because uh… oftentimes every dancer
firefighter you become a firefighter or your uncle was et cetera et cetera right
and if they were all white in the beginning they continue to be white if
it that’s how the job gets passed on it happens a lot of professions that also
happened sir in in the firefighting that field now the promise blacks latinos go hey
wait a minute that’s not fair us we had to be a liberate through in some way
words whites think wait a minute your teenage opera my sunday from like ah…
nephew and increases conflict so we’ve got to be able to address and
the smart decent and fair way without both sides go to war jet fighters hope uh… until as the allegations get
investigated that there isn’t edits national dues that there is enough time the feeling of force in new york fire
department we have this feeling from eleven of they were you know it was so
her off with that that there is enough that’s off limits because of what the the inventor already you know this is
the first article and highlighting my fathers or with a religious lesson i
thought i thought this is so that is not so you know is critical and although i
think that the fire departments of india has done anything wrong those try that did that becomes a a bit
of a factor right but uh… you know it drives me crazy when people can’t like separate outpatients right so for
example are we under semi and the firefighters
when they go for healthcare coverage and a republican wafted you know in qasar value our first responder and you
you have some sort of cancer who cares that’s phase of course they should have
that without maybe one of those same guys is involved in a case where he’s on
the wrong side and the you know the discrimination
whatever might be or several of them okay the does each day with a health
care but also doesn’t mean that they’ve never done anything wrong right there not some angel it creatures
a cetera they’re human beings and so in the right
you backed them when they’re wrong you pointed out if only because you’re in this way

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